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Guests arriving soon? eDesign!

My client just moved from Austin to Atlanta. She and her husband found themselves in a new house that needed some solid design to make it feel like home. She mentioned to me that normally, she enjoys decorating but with so much to do at once she was running out of ideas.

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Master Bedroom Update

We lightened up the room by painting it a lighter brown and added large, inexpensive art. New side tables serve as nightstands and we emphasized the warmth and coziness of the room with layering various textures in the bedding -- including this fantastic duvet that takes a fresh interpretation of a chevron print.

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New Baby. New Bedroom.

While these moms were at the hospital welcoming their second baby girl into the world, we were at their house giving them a brand new master suite to come home to! It was a day of the best kind of gifts, all around. Can you imagine coming home from the hospital to a brand new bedroom?!

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Little Changes, Big Difference

Raise your hand if you have a sparsely decorated guest room in your home. I see you, there. And there. Yup, I see you too. Okay, put your hands down. We've all been there. You want your guest room to be a refreshing and comfortable space for your guests: a place where they feel special and welcome in your home.

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How to Create a TV Gallery Wall (and why I don't trust people that don't watch TV)

I respect people that say they don't own a TV, but I am 98% sure we will not be good friends. I need to relate on some pop culture level. I do not need you to know the details of the Kardashian's last sisterly fight or the names of all the Housewives, but a knowing nod and disbelieving gasp about House of Cards or Parenthood or Brooklyn 99 (the list goes on) goes a long way.

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