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Rustic, Yet Refined Dining Room

The changes to the dining room were simple, but strategic. The paint was refreshed and window sashes were painted a dark charcoal (need new windows but can't afford them? #protip: consider painting them!). Instead of finding new art, we "shopped the house," moved things around, and completely changed the feel of the room.

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Living Room Transformation

Sometimes it can be difficult to decorate when you have a space filled with lots of your current possessions, hand-me-downs, and things inherited from others. It can be daunting to decide what to keep, and how to incorporate it all to communicate your personal style. This is when a call to Gina Sims Designs is a very good idea.

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Urban Cabin

Decatur is known for its distinct, historic neighborhoods, eclectic food, and vibrant downtown: it is not known for log cabins. My clients are the owners of this unlikely urban retreat, and wanted to design a space that provided a TV-free zone to read, relax, eat, and play games as a family.

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Classic Dining in Avondale

The first time I met my client was on the soccer field, and our conversation included the exclamation: “come and paint my dining room!” As the kids say: the rest is history. My client is a Classics teacher and has an obvious affinity for classical literature and languages, Rome (well, let’s say all things Italy), and has a house filled with heirlooms. Basically, she’s a dream client. Inspiration at every turn.

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Family Bungalow

My dear friends were contemplating a move. To move or stay, that was the question. What wasn't a question was that their home was no longer working for them. The kids were old enough to keep toys to their designated spaces and the furniture had done it's time. Hand-me-downs and the pieces from the bachelor days made it feel less than who they had become as a family and it was time for a reset.

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