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About Me


Gina Sims

Owner, PRINCIPAL Designer

I am a lover of color, cultivator of quirk, hunter-downer of that unique piece that will make a home your home. If there’s one thing love, it’s how to make a space sing your praises. Whether it’s a wild piece of Venice Beach festival art we dust off from your attic, or that brass llama collection in the guest room that wants to grace the living room mantle, Gina Sims Designs puts you at the heart of your home. Did you stumble on all the postcards you sent your parents from summer camp? Let’s find some funky frames and hang them in the guest bedroom!

A California transplant to the South, you’ll find my designs at the crossroads of those styles. I blend the carefree, timeless cool of the West Coast with the romantic, tailored charm of the South. I’m not afraid to upset the “style rules” to pull out something wild – especially if wild makes your space more you. And call it my California roots, but I’ll always shy away from precious: your space should be gorgeous, but not so gorgeous that you yell at your kids and dogs to get off the furniture. GSD designs spaces that are meant to be lived in – hard.

I’ve been published in Atlanta Magazine and featured on, StyleBlueprint, LuxPad and Houzz. I’ve styled rooms for HGTV hosts and designed many a drop dead gorgeous living room. But no matter how many spaces I’ve styled, I approach each one with fresh eyes and a zest for possibility. The quirk should be your quirk, the warmth should be your warmth. Whatever that looks like, my team and I are game for the challenge!


My Team


Jenny OchoTnicky

Senior Design Assistant

Jenny thanks her artist grandmother and her seamstress mother for developing an early love of fabrics, design, and art. She comes from a fashion background, she holds B.A. from Auburn University in Fashion Merchandising and worked as a buyer for Neiman Marcus. Jenny has been a part of the Gina Sims Designs team for two years, most recently being elevated to Senior Design Assistant. She enjoys working with Gina because it stretches her design comfort zone.


Meredith Story Williams

Project & Marketing Manager

Meredith has been helping small business and non-profits effectively tell their stories to stakeholders for over ten years. She comes from a background in non-profit administration and fundraising, and enjoys the new challenge of streamlining systems for Gina Sims Designs. Meredith's favorite part of working with Gina Sims Designs is telling the story of the client: from project conception to installation.