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Fresh Living Room in Atlanta

Happy New Year! What resolutions did you make for your space this year? Have you said to yourself, "You know, I'll get a new sofa and the room will be done." New sofas are great. New beds are great. New furniture is fun and when you're starting with an empty room. Foundational pieces are essential for a great design. The problem is: the life of the room doesn't come from those large pieces. The life, the movement, the feel of the room comes from accessories. These accessories: the pillows, the framed prints and photos, your books, your art, the rugs all contribute to the dynamic story of your space. My clients already had some great furniture in their living room - we did not need to start from scratch like we did in their office. They're quirky, they were open to anything: the more fun, the better. They had spacious shelving filled with interesting books and perfectly stylish, comfortable seating. What they needed was a room that functioned for their lifestyle (no centrally located television, thank you very much) and fit the overall open feel of their fantastic home in Atlanta. Even in an open concept first floor, their furniture arrangement made the room feel closed off.  Here's how we found the space:


The furniture stayed. We moved a rug in from the sunroom, layering it onto a large, natural woven rug to anchor the seating area. The rug also served as the inspiration for the colors in the room. The navy and pink served as the perfect, funky combination that fit the personality of my clients and BONUS, it came from an item they already owned.


We reimagined the space with new overhead lighting and a new fan (it gets HOT in Atlanta, ya'll). To solve the TV issue, we purchased a small media center on wheels that allows the family to access the television when they want to, but keeps it from being the star of the space.

The reveal!


Moving the TV to the corner allowed for the living space to be reframed by the two sofas. Moving the sofa in front of the main front windows opened up the space, welcoming any person entering the front door to sit down rather than enter a room blocked by the back of a sofa. The leather ottomans provide additional seating that was lost by the removal of the side chair and adds texture and warmth to this bright room. We removed the mirror and replaced it with a bright print that gave an unexpected pop of color as the focal point of the space.

The life of the room is in the accessories. The colors of the pillows play perfectly off the hues in the rug, and we chose quirky accessories (doesn't everyone need a hot pink spotted brass cheetah on their mantel? Methinks so.) to reflect the personal style of the clients.


Do you have a room that has great foundational pieces but it simply does not feel like YOU? Give me a call. Let's give that room some life together.