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Taking Paint for a Test Drive

Selecting a paint color can be paralyzing. We have all seen the patchwork of options on our friend's (or our) walls being "tested" for months on end with no selection being made. Fear not! There is a way to get a better sense of your color options without the patchwork effect! I was in Texas this week and selecting paint colors for my client's walls was number one on my "to do" list. We purchased several pieces of foam core from the craft store, wrote the name of the color on the bottom of the board, and painted two coats on each board. Now we were ready to see a large sample of the color and move it around the room in different areas of the room at various times of day. The morning, midday and evening light can make a paint color drastically different. Be sure to test it all out. As you can see here, we had SEVERAL options. Do not settle on a color that isn't perfect. There are thousands of options so do not limit yourself to one paint chip strip. Paint samples are far less expensive than a room full of color you do not like!

P.S. This color, Oak Grove by Benjamin Moore, dries into a gorgeous green. It's going to look amazing in my client's dining room!!

Paint Samples

Paint Samples