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That Perfect Piece of Art

Art is personal. I have three clients for whom I am searching for the ideal piece of art to complete their rooms. Each has a different perspective on and connection to art.

Client A simply wants something lovely and not too expensive. For her I am searching the world wide web for just the right abstract floral prints.

Client B wants their art to reflect their recent travels. While they are in Italy they are sending me pictures of what they are finding to uncover the perfect fit.

Client C wants to support a local artist and know his/her inspiration and personal story. We talked to artists and visited local artist's websites and boutiques who showcase local talent.

Whether you want to DIY something from Pinterest, find something at an art festival or bid on an original at Sotheby's, all that's required is that it should speak to you!

This is the piece we found for the third client. We are updating her very formal dining room (I mean look at that amazing chandelier!) and adding unexpected, modern elements like this painting done by local Dallas artist, Alan Smith. Just wait till the room is finished!

Modern art with chandelier

Modern art with chandelier