Gina Sims Designs


Mid-Century Mod

I am allowed to have favorite projects. I am. It's my design firm. Now, I love my clients and the diversity of beautiful projects I get to work on but sometimes I get to work on something that I never want to leave. I did, eventually, leave this place but this Cabbagetown home makes me incredibly happy. The playroom was void of color and personality but not anymore! One of the reasons I love this house so much is that my clients already had such a great art collection, but it was mostly in a closet. Travesty! I used almost all of it on those 12 foot playroom walls.


The entry area is so much more welcoming with a contrast paint color and bright fun art we bought from an artist in Australia. The flamingo's name is Fern. Say hi.


Dining room! My clients have entirely too much style for what their dining room had going on. We took care of that with molded chairs that make cleaning up after a toddler easy as pie, er, Cheerios. The cool rug gave us a shot of texture and color and we played up the cool brass elements for shine and speaking of shine, that light fixture! It's raw brass mid-century fabulousness was just what this room needed. Being at the front of the house, this dining and entry area now tell a much better story of the lives my clients lead. My work here is done!