Gina Sims Designs


Lovely Loft

There are times when your favorite client’s mom gets a posh new loft across from Ponce City Market and she insists said loft gets some Gina Sims Designs love. I love those times. Her mother was an absolute joy to work with:

Her mom bought an eDesign and then hired me to style and install the pieces. She started with a fantastic location, four blank walls, and some furniture that needed to be punched up. She also had an amazing collection of art resulting from her many travels and simply needed someone to help those pieces tell her story.


Timeout: I love love LOVE when clients have awesome collections with which I can work (read: not Precious Moments or cat figurines). Okay. Time-in.

We added one gorgeous piece to her collection and I opted to reframe and/or remat others to give them new life. We relocated her rug to another area of the loft and added a more traditional, neutral rug to anchor the space.


Switching out the rug allowed us to paint accent walls and add bold, gold window treatments that brought the eye up in this amazing new space.


In the end, we did a lot of rearranging and shopping around her house to style the area.

Her perfectly-sized loft is a personal, interesting, and bold statement: much like her. Mama’s got new digs!