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From Brown to Bright (a Before and After!)

There are people in this world who consider it a sin of the worst sort to paint wood, stone or brick. Perhaps you are one of these people? You know who you are and so does everyone else because you are militant about it. If I suggest painting to someone like this, I get an evil side eye and a head nod towards the door. Don't get me wrong. I love (LOVE) these natural elements but sometimes they need to be amended if they fail to fit the feel and needs of the modern home and it's owners. I'm standing my ground on this one. My clients Sandy Springs home is not a mountain lodge. Not at all. This room stuck out from the rest of the home like a cabin-eque monochromatic sore thumb. They have three small kids and big dogs and needed a space that could handle rough and tumble but were in desperate need of some grown up style. The sofa was a big investment and perfect for their lifestyle but it also happened to blend with the color scheme of the rest of the room. Brown.

Before - Brown walls, brown floor, brown furniture…just brown.

Before Brown Den

Before Brown Den

After! We kept the ceiling beams and painted the paneling white with gray trim around the windows for more emphasis. Window treatments were made in a pool herringbone with a graphic trim,  throw pillows, a rug and furniture finally make for a space they can live in, all with a hefty side of cozy chic!

Before - The front of the room is dark, the blinds match the walls and the sparseness of the space leaves it feeling cold.

After! We kept the stone and beams in their natural state, addressed the fireplace with paint, rocks and birch logs and added a box for floor (or hearth) cushions and blankets. And never ever underestimate the power of the coffee table. (Where were their feet and popcorn bowls going?) Now the space feels inviting and ready for entertaining!

On the other side of the fireplace, we put this lovely reading nook for a punch of color, pattern and texture. This spool chair is not only beautiful, it also happens to be crazy comfy.

You may love wood paneled walls (I do too, I swear) but you cannot deny that this upgrade feels fresh, light and perfect for family and friend movie and game nights. Game on! What needs some refreshing at your house?

Photo Credit:  Cati Teague Photography