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Cupid's Arrow DIY

You know I love arrows. You also know I love crafting. Naturally, it was only a matter of time. Ridiculously cute arrows!

1.  To decorate the skewers, I wrapped sections of them in embroidery floss and painted acrylic stripes using varying widths of painters tape.

2.  I cut leather for the arrowhead from a purse I bought for this purpose at a thrift store for $1. Because the leather is so tough, I had to use a seam ripper to make the holes for the needle and embroidery floss.

3.  For the fletching, I used cork that I picked up at my local craft store in the paper section. (Yes, I had to look up what the back part of an arrow is called. It is a fletching. You didn't know that either.)

Use them as table decor like I did for our Family Valentines Brinner (breakfast for dinner) post, over a doorway or perched over a piece of art. I think I am going to put mine above the doorway into my kitchen…or over the silhouette art in my daughter's room. Hmm. Maybe I'll just make up some more.

Happy love hunting and arrow crafting to you!

Photo Cred:  Cati Teague Photography - Thanks, Cati!