Gina Sims Designs


Bedroom Colorblocking

We started with a dark blue nursery. The twins that share the room are nearly two years old and it was time for the nursery to convert to a big(ger) boy room.


Our first order of business of lightening up the space. We decided on colorblocking, and added a lighter shade midway up the wall that instantly unified the weird angles of the room, provided a graphic element, and made a formerly dark room very light and airy.


The artwork in the room centers around animals. Animals are printed on book pages, there are pixelated representations of animals to keep it modern, and Etsy enabled us to create a custom penguin print that included four penguins, instead of 3, to represent the four boys in the house. #protip: never be afraid to ask an artist about options for custom work -- especially on Etsy.


The activity of the space focuses on reading, so we provided a large sitting area and plenty of book storage for the boys to utilize as they transition to activity in their new room.