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"Who's the best mom?" "DADDY!" And other tales...

Happy Mother's Day! Taking care of little people is a lot of work. Because of this and the rest of life, it is far easier to write a Facebook post than make a baby book. Can I get an 'amen!' My awesome husband listened to my maternal guilt and not-so-subtle hints and did for me for Mothers Day what I've been meaning to do for, oh, about 3 years. He compiled my Facebook posts about my kids and their quotes. This is us at the park today and these are a few of my favorite quotes from my crazies over the past few years.

My sweet and crazy munchkins.

My sweet and crazy munchkins.

We asked Anna to give her grandparents kisses. "I don't have any," she says. "What do you have?" "Hiccups," was her answer. She then proceeded to cough in their faces. So thoughtful. (Anna, 3)

Jumping up from the table at dinner time, "I thought I saw a unicorn in a wedding veil but it was just oranges." Total disappointment. (Anna, 5)

From the back seat and out of complete silence, "The bears are coming to get you, Mama." Terrifying. (Anna, 2)

That sweet Mother's Day wake up call where your toddler son slaps you on the face and says, "Where's Daddy?" Awwww. (Caleb, 2)

"Mommy, I just hit myself in the forehead to show you how strong I am!" And smart. So smart. (Anna, 3)

"Daddy, how do dinosaurs say 'hello' to people?" (Caleb, 3)

"What do you want to give you brother for his birthday?" Anna, "A woman." (Anna, 3, Caleb was turning 1)

Me, yelling across the house: "What are you doing?"  Anna: "Licking my mirror." Oh, well, sure. (Anna, 4)

Screaming from the front porch in December and tired of waiting, "SANTA! Come to our house! It's lunchtime!" (Caleb, 2)

Me: "I have to go, can I have hugs and kisses?" Anna: "I don't have any." Me: "Why?" Anna: "Well, a crab came along and jumped into my mouth and took my kisses and hugs and then a shark swimmed up and ate the I don't have any. Sorry Mommy." (Anna, 2 1/2)

For a few months Anna, age 3, started all her stories with, "when I was a little boy..."

"What (birthday gift) do you want to get for your friends?" Anna, jumping up and down, "LIMA BEANS!!!" (Anna, 3)

We have to document the hilarious moments to get us through the tantrums. Here's to another year of the adventures of motherhood! Carry on, mommies!