Gina Sims Designs


Welcome to the new Gina Sims Designs!

I am so excited to showcase my work and my inspiration on the new and improved Gina Sims Designs! This process has been a bit like buying a new little black dress. Simple at first but maybe I really want charcoal, and maybe I want it short, no long, midi, definitely midi, what about sleeves, cap or 3/4 or spaghetti and do I want a defined waist and what fabric does it come in because I need natural fibers and oh I think I want pleats and oh no what about SHOES? So many choices and options and what do I really want? In the end, I have a site that feels like me and how I aim to shape my business. It's professional and fun and hopefully inspiring, and it's just the right size. It's a size 4. Or whatever. Thank you for your patience while it was under construction. So without further adieu….

Top 5 Reasons I Love My New Website:

1.  Like a mullet, it's business on the top and party on the side (okay, it's an asymmetrical mullet). Check out my Portfolio, Services, and other goodness on the top and Blog and Category goodness on the sidebar. Go ahead and run your fingers through it, but watch the bangs. Sheesh.

2.  Via Categories, you can see my DIY projects and Pinterest parties, Party ideas for adults and kids, Inspiration, Before & After photos of projects that may not be in my Portfolio, Events (Image Design Camp!) and also My Life, everyday adventures.

3.  You can easily subscribe to receive my monthly newsletter and new blog posts via email! And spread the word to your friends and family. Do that right…..there!>

4.  You can follow me on all the inter webs including my new Gina Sims Designs Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube & Houzz! Gray circles under my mug, GO!

5. Kitsch Consulting. My awesome web designer. Check her out, folks. Thanks, Meredith Story Williams!

So, a big fat southern style grandma kiss welcome to you and I hope to see you around these parts again very soon! Muah!