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Video Series: Shopping and Styling in Chattanooga

Welcome to my inaugural video for my styling and treasure hunt video series! Each week I will take you on a trip to shops all over the southeast looking for gold, er, awesome tsotchkes and such. I will share my designer tips on what to look for and where to use them. This week we begin at Knitting Mill Antiques in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As it's name implies, it is an awesome old knitting mill converted into an antique store, home to over 100 dealers. We planned to hit several other stores while we were in town but ended up coming back and spending the whole day here.

In today's video, I show pieces for bookshelves and nightstands as well as cool architectural elements that can be used alone or in a group as art on your walls.

Stay tuned for next week and more video styling snippets from Knitting Mill Antiques!