Gina Sims Designs


Travelled Industrial Chic

My clients are cool, successful, and new parents to a gorgeous little boy. They insist on quality and have a great love of industrial, mid-century and modern design.  They just couldn't agree when it came to making decisions on the decor of their new house! They hired me to help them define their style and project that into a warm, welcoming living room they can be proud of when they throw the great parties they love to have. I am always happy when clients are happy and this is was their awesome response, "I AM IN LOVE! Your vision gave me goosebumps and quite LITERALLY made my eyes swell with tears. You have captured it. Truly. I really really really love it! I'm going to go back now and have my mouth drool at the fact that my living room is going to be AWESOME, thanks to you."

If you are interested in my design services, including eDesign, check it out!