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Yesterday I visited the Inspiration House at the annual Atlanta Cathedral Antiques Show. Proceeds went to a wonderful organization and a population dear to my heart, Refugee Family Services.The rooms were lovely but I couldn't help being most awed by the ceilings. There were beautiful rough wood paneled ones, installed beams, and some great paint techniques: neutral walls were outlined with rich slate blue moulding with the color extending across the ceiling and this one below showcasing clean white walls punctuated with a bright pop of hot pink! So unexpected and fun.

Decorating ceilings is not a new design concept (ahem, Sistine Chapel). What was great about thesedesigners, however, was that they made it fun and accessible for those of us who do not live in manor or who are not destined to marry a prince (I already have, points for me). And with that, all of a sudden we have an unexpected focal point...up! I'm looking at my ceilings now and wondering how a pink sky would look. Maybe some cherubs on cell phones telling jokes?  Hmm, the possibilities are endless.

Designer: Parker Kennedy

Designer: Parker Kennedy

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