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Guests arriving soon? eDesign!

My client just moved from Austin to Atlanta. She and her husband found themselves in a new house that needed some solid design to make it feel like home. She mentioned to me that normally, she enjoys decorating but with so much to do at once she was running out of ideas. Sometimes you just need someone to help you pull things together: so you call Gina Sims Designs. My client LOVES to host friends and family in her home, and she was ready to complete these rooms as soon as possible. When my clients have a quick-turnaround time in mind, if they're expecting guests or anticipating a major life change, I absolutely recommend an eDesign. #protip: GSD eDesigns also work if you would like to establish a design plan and you'd like to execute that plan over time.

The whole house design concept focused on texture, establishing a warm, cozy feeling, the use of leather, warm wood tones, featuring the colors navy and olive, and of course, not forgetting to feature their Texas roots. Today, I'd like to showcase the guest bedroom options. Although her preferred taste is transitional, a great mix between classic and modern pieces, her new home was trending toward modern and she wanted to ensure that the space still felt cozy.


Option 1 reigns that modernism in with the injection of some classic furniture anchoring the room. The traditional, black canopy bed and the elegant teal dresser are set off by the abstract rug which provides the blush toned inspiration for the space.


Option 2 takes a bit more of a modern spin, but the muted neutrals keep it warm and soft. We kept the canopy silhouette for the bed, but switch it out for warm wood tones and clean lines.  The honeycomb feature on the natural finish dresser is echoed in the design of the warm, understated rug.

Which room would you choose to host your guests?

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