Gina Sims Designs


Eclectic Color

Our neighbors moved. They were the kind of neighbors who you passed your kids back and forth over the fence and contemplated just putting in a gate. The kind of neighbors with whom you spent every second of snow days and happy hours and dinners on the regular. When they moved across town I was tickled pink (I'm apparently southern enough to say that now) to be asked to do their house.

They doubled their space so we had a blast starting from scratch on many of the rooms. Like any young family, they were budget conscious and the main objective of the new house was that it be grown up, but not serious. The kind of house that is thoughtful but not too precious to feel anything less than at home.


We pushed the envelope with colors and patterns in different ways in each of the spaces. In the family room, we were all about playful colors - red, navy, gold and teal. We kept the same color palette throughout the house but played them up in different ways. The living room had more grays, with navy and gold as the primary accents.


The bedroom boasted that amazing navy wall with leather, gray and white linen window treatments and gold with slashes of color in pillows and art. It flows without looking the same. Who says grown up can't be fun? (Save laundry for another day).