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Out-of-This-World Surprise

This little girl was turning 9 and her family wanted to surprise her with a brand new room. As I began the design process with her family, I learned that she loves the color purple and outer space: but I’m not one for theme rooms. Maybe for kids, but even then, theme rooms get old quickly.

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Eclectic Color

Our neighbors moved. They were the kind of neighbors who you passed your kids back and forth over the fence and contemplated just putting in a gate. The kind of neighbors with whom you spent every second of snow days and happy hours and dinners on the regular.

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An Angular Obsession

It's normal to lust after angles, right? Recently I was thinking about artistic images I am drawn to and I realized that I have always loved art deco, southwestern art, menswear inspired prints like herringbone, and arrows (before they were uber trendy, thank you very much).

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