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Widespread Panic's VIP Lounge

I had the awesome privilege of designing a VIP lounge for the Widespread Panic concert at the Saint Augustine Amphitheatre in Florida last weekend. Mellow Mushroom sponsored the space and hired me to create a bohemian lounge in line with the restaurant and band's cool, chill, hippy vibe. Like I shared in my design plan post, bohemian and moroccan design is all about layers and those layers start with rugs. I was super excited to work with the good people at Pacific Rugs to use these amazing antique rugs from Uzbekistan and Russia. They are high on color, texture and pattern and undoubtably made the whole space. You should definitely pick up a few. We layered pillows, throws, and poofs, hung lanterns from the rafters and created three distinct lounge areas for our VIPs to hang. In the back of the room we draped 60 foot lengths of red fabric through the ceiling of the pavilion and under the canopy, our guests could hang out around sari-covered high top tables near a 10 foot tall mushroom. Naturally. Mellow Mushroom's CEO generously opened one of their amazing warehouses to me for this project. We borrowed several things including the massive mushrooms and the centerpiece of the room, a lovely white mosaic face of Buddha that we lit from behind, adding a bit of zen mystery as the sun began to set.

Let me give you a tour, friends!

Thank you to Matt and Tara Strickland (unofficial mayors of St. Augustine), Buddy Finethy (pretty much the official mayor of Mellow Mushroom grooviness) and the rest of the amazing gang at Mellow Mushroom for this great experience. You guys are a blast!

Until next time, jam on, friends!