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Video Series: If it's freaky, leave it.

When shopping thrift, antique or flea markets, it is easy to miss the awesome in the sea of junk. (Editor's Note: The same also applies to men.) It's Friday Finds and we're back at Chattanooga's Knitting Mill Antiques. Let's get going! One sure win is vintage textiles. On their own, they are beautiful, but I love to layer 3-4 of them on my table for an easy bohemian look characterized by patterns and pretty faded colors. I love these floral and southwestern patterns.

Vintage Textiles

Vintage Textiles

And back to the junk. In today's video series, I talk about what to LEAVE at the store and, for a cool eclectic, mid-century or industrial look, a great topping for your bookcase.

Join us next week to see what treasures we'll find! Where in the southeast should we explore next, folks?