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A Playroom for FOUR under FOUR

When you've got four boys under four, it's pretty important that you've got a playroom space that is well organized and designed to contain all that four little boys can do to a room. My client wanted the floor to be used for playing, so we were charged designing around the perimeter of the room to maximize the play space for the boys on the floor. This is the playroom BEFORE. I dare you to tell me that your kids' playroom doesn't look like this right.this.moment.


It was important to make the space bright and colorful. We chose bright curtains and had custom pop art images made of each of the boys (which their mom took on her cell phone!). The boys were provided with a large space to display their works of art and a custom magnet board was created by Gina Sims Designs team member Joe Killebrew. This is a perfect place for them to practice their letters and numbers.


A custom cushion provides a seating area in the room while the supporting bench hides toys. If you've got a playroom, you need double-duty storage. Art and accessories round out the storage area and provide another opportunity to light this fun and bright place.

Now that they've got a great playroom, read about the oldest boys' bedroom transformation!

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