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All the feels: an office update that is both moody and bright.

A mix of dark and moody teal against bright white and orange reinvigorated this previously dull office space. It even caught the eye of HGTV Magazine, which featured the room in its March 2019 issue.

— HGTV Magazine, March 2019


Room Envy: A green splash flipped this kitchen from plain to bold and funky

Light and understated was never the personality of this loft—or its owner—says interior designer Gina Sims, who amped up this plain kitchen with layers of bold features.

Atlanta Magazine, October 2018


Styling at Kudzu & Co.

The photo shoot I styled came out this week in the April edition of ATLANTA MAGAZINE! Do you see there at the bottom in size 2 font? Photograph by (the one and only!) CHRISTINA WEDGE and Styling by Yours Truly. Woo hoo!

Atlanta Magazine


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See how mixing a variety of styles can create a design that’s colorful, charming and full of character




Hip Design With Kids in Mind

Don't lose your design edge because kids are in the mix. These four case studies will show you how to mix kids and hip home style.



Gina Sims Designs is an Atlanta-based interior design firm: lover of color, cultivator of quirk, hunter-downer of that unique piece that will make a home your home…

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Playful Spaces: Two Designers, Two Homes, Endless Opportunity

Home Tour #1: The home of Gina Sims
Gina lives in a mid-century ranch in Decatur, GA (an artsy city right next to Atlanta), with Anna, 8, Caleb, 5, and her husband, Greg.

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Expert Advice: Home Office Design Tips

Office design is about function and inspiration. If an office fails to function for the specific needs of its occupant, it’s useless, no matter how beautiful it is! …

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Need to Squeeze a Work Space into a Client's Home? Try These 5 Potential Rooms.

“More people are working out of their home,” said Gina Sims, principal designer of Gina Sims Designs, Decatur, Ga.