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Pop Project: A Beautiful, Quirky Entryway (Horse Included)

You know by now that the Hawaii house design is heavy on color, life, and fun, which meant that it was important to create that feeling as soon as people walk in the door. Though the entryway is a small space, I know we could give it big visual impact using a few carefully chosen elements.

We used an old console that used to be behind my clients’ sofa because I loved the shape and lower shelf, where I added a couple old vases that boast interesting details. Atop the console are a basket we found at an Atlanta flea market, a high-end lamp to bring a touch of glam and gold, and a peppy little plant who just loves the natural light that streams in from the wall of windows and French doors opposite it. Finally, colorful rug ties in the colors from all the other rooms you can see from the entryway.

Photo Credit: Cati Teague Photography for Gina Sims Designs

Photo Credit: Cati Teague Photography for Gina Sims Designs

But the thing your eye first goes to is this incredible Midcentury horse painting, which used to be upstairs in a hidden-away spot. My clients really loved it, though, and wanted to use it over the mantle in the family room. However, it proved three inches too big for that space and finally found a home here, prominently placed and ready to be appreciated by all who cross the family’s threshold.