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I’m with the Band

You guys, I am pretty excited to share with you what is going on this week. Let’s start with pizza, where all good things should start. Mellow Mushroom (as most of the country knows) is an amazing pizza joint born out of the free-wheelin’ hippy culture of the 70’s. They have delicious pies and the creativity of the decor in each of their stores is, well, weird and bizarre in all the right ways.

So here is where I come in. Mellow Mushroom asked me to create a VIP lounge for rock band, Widespread Panic, at their show in Florida this weekend! Widespread Panic, who were born out of the free-wheelin’ hippy culture of the 80’s, is a southern rock jam band with a cult following of mega-fans. Mellow Mushroom wanted the lounge to be consistent with Mellow Mushroom and Widespread Panic’s psychedelic hippy-cool vibe. Clearly a bohemian, moroccan lounge is in order. I mean, duh.

Moroccan design is all about pattern, saturated colors, layers and patina. Colors can be bright or neutral or jewel tones but there are almost always lots of them. Tapestries and rugs and pillows are aplenty and layered one upon the other. You cannot sit all “proper-like” here. You have to lay back and be. What’s not to love? My inspiration photos:

Bohemian Moroccan Inspiration


My design plan includes layers of rugs, pillows, wood carvings, tons of hanging lanterns and maybe a nod to the sponsor with a massive mushroom or two. It’s going to be fun!

Moroccan Lounge


We are going to have a blast at the beach this weekend, decorating our bohemian lounge and getting our jam on with Widespread Panic!

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  1. Phyllis Rice September 29, 2014 at 10:23 am #

    This looks like such a fun project….& you will make it awesome!! Looking forward to
    It’s of pictures!

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