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Video Series: Box it up!

Decorators are always looking for unique boxes. We love to stack them, use them in bookshelves, on table tops, or, like in today’s video series, use big ones as furniture pieces. Big boxes stacked or alone with books or a vase atop them are great space fillers for that odd place  on the floor at the end of the dresser or in corners, and of course they are great for storage. Duh.

This entry way I styled using a red crocodile box for a red hot pop o’ color!

Entry way

Now to the big mama boxes. I had to stay another day at Chattanooga’s Knitting Mill Antiques. (It is old-school boss.) I found this cool but commonly found old trunk. It could be used at the base of a guest bed, under a window, or (if the top was flat) as a coffee table.

Old trunk

Stack of beautiful boxes

To see what I like about these boxes and what I’d do with them, check out today’s Video Series!

Search for interesting boxes, small or large, or repurpose one you already may have and fill that awkward spot. Box it up!

What are your favorite thrift or antique or flea market finds? Where should I visit next?

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