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Rustic, yet Refined Dining Room

We continue our home tour, moving from the ship-lap clad foyer to the dining area. Here’s the space before we began the design process:

Dining Room: Before

The changes to the dining room were simple, but strategic. The paint was refreshed and window sashes were painted a dark charcoal (need new windows but can’t afford them? #protip: consider painting them!). Instead of finding new art, we “shopped the house,” moved things around, and completely changed the feel of the room. New chairs were the biggest investment. The side chars were swapped for modern aged brass and leather ones by SunPan Modern Home, and the host chairs are now a charcoal tweed with nail head trim detail.

Dining Room: After

The real showstopper is the gilded leg on that classic, traditional mid-century line by Hickory Chair. Masculine, curated, and lovely. It’s time for a dinner party!


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