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Little People on the Wall

This family gallery is in my hallway and it makes me smile daily.  I wanted to mix color and black and white prints so keeping the style of photography and the color of frame similar (even though they are each unique) is what brings it together. Someday I look forward to larger mats and frames for these pictures that will make a larger statement on the wall, but right now these need to be out of easy reach to little hands and bouncy balls (we encourage playing ball in our house). I love our little family!

Much of the photography is done by


Seasonal Garland DIY

The Knick-Knack Nancys met again to craft up something fabulous. I hosted at my house and the project I chose was garlands (that’s the rule – each hosts picks the project and gets the supplies). I can’t say how much I love garlands (see header up ^ there). Sure, they’re great for a mantle during the holidays but they add such a great touch of whimsy and playfulness anytime of the year. I love them in a kids room but they are great in any room over a doorway or swooped across a wall or over a piece of art. Give it a try. It’s easy and, as shown below, can be made into a party!

Your supplies are as unique as your creation and your craft box! Here I have fabric remnants, scissors (‘fabric only’ identified with a ribbon), paper, punches, twine, and a bamboo pole with oodles of ribbon piled on. The colors! The textures! The possibilities!! (Also, I may be a bit of a ribbon addict. This is my cry for help…or for you to send me ribbon.)

Hard at work but these Nancy’s are all smiles.

Kelly shows off her fall leaf creation made of twine and felt.

RheaAnn used her fancy Cricut machine to craft her “Merry Christmas” banner. She glued paper to a block of red felt and a loop of green striped ribbon to attach to the twine.

Christy used a mix of paper and fabric in stamped circles and pendants for her creation.

And last but not least, for my holly holiday garland I hot glued my leaves (free handed but could easily have been a stencil if that would work better for you) and berries to each other and made a small slit with scissors in a portion of the cluster that could not easily be seen. Then I strung the clusters on the twine. Holiday happiness!


Under Mr. Haverty’s Dining Table

I happened to be at the Haverty’s corporate office today and had a meeting at J.J. Haverty’s own 100+ year old dining table. I am relatively sure I couldn’t handle this kind of intensity in my own dining room but it’s pretty awesome. I wonder what would happen if crumbs were dropped from the table?


Cozy Fireside Party

I was hired to style an outdoor fireside party last weekend for newlyweds Jesse and Yvonne. Just a few weeks after their wedding they had a lot of love and bountiful libations from the wedding to share with their nearest and dearest. Cozy decor, good music, delicious food, a photo booth and lots of plaid make for a dang good time.

The glow of the lights, candles, fire pit and the cozy plaid table covering and homemade garland make this outdoor party insanely inviting.

We used 6 glorious different plaids to make our fall fireside shindig super outdoorsy.

This was the s’mores box of the century. There was really good sea salt chocolate, etc. but the shiny prom queen of the night was Nutella. Holy goodness, please make a s’more with Nutella. Oh, and it looked awesome in a vintage Pepsi crate next to the fire sitting atop a galvanized tub turned upside down.

40 friends gathered around the fire for good food, good drink, great conversation and an overall fabulous fall evening.

Hanging plaid fabric on the side of the house and gathering an array of props makes for a lot of fun and cuteness. Fact.

Yvonne and Jesse were fantastic hosts. Here she serves up a hearty pot of turkey chili. Also on the menu was pumpkin butternut squash soup and a glorious turkey and whole grain mustard sandwich platter. Yummm-o.

Host Jesse (of ‘Jesse & Yvonne’) feeds the fire. This is a very important job….without a fire, it is entirely impossible to have a cozy fireside party.

Our cozy fireside party was casual but special. The guests ‘ooh-ed and ahh-ed’ as they came around the corner of the house to the back yard. Our hosts wanted their first party as a married couple to be memorable and we succeeded. If it’s not too frigid where you live, go ahead and create your own glowing event!


Chic Charity

Last week I posted about attending a party benefitting Room Service Atlanta. Tonight I visited the United Methodist Children’s Home boys cabin and it was stunning! 19 designers took over the kitchen, bathrooms, common areas and several bedrooms. The full project images are being released for sale in a couple of weeks but I can give you this sneak peek!


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