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Living Room Transformation

Sometimes it can be difficult to decorate when you have a space filled with lots of your current possessions, hand-me-downs, and things inherited from others. It can be daunting to decide what to keep, and how to incorporate it all to communicate your personal style. This is when a call to Gina Sims Designs is a very good idea.

My client had a living room that was ready to have a fresh look. We started with a conversation about what she loved, what items had an appropriate scale for the room, and even brought a professional organizer in the mix! The room design became a collection of “what makes me happy” and sentimental items that helped move the design forward. Here’s how the space began:

We defined the room with light blues, orange, beiges, whites, and wood tones. The room got a fresh coat of paint after the ceilings were repaired and repainted.

It’s always lucky to have a client that can supply inspiration with items from their travels, and due to her many trips to Italy, we had plenty to showcase. We reframed old art, including a grouping of maps, so they presented better. Grouping them in the entryway and lighting them up with scones sets the tone for the entire room: a warm space, showcasing family memories.

The fireplace was completely redone: we removed the tile and heavy screen and added a brilliant marble herringbone tile. A mirror was added to reflect more light into the small space, while classical busts, African beads, and a rosary showcase this new focal point of the room.

(Psst: see that dining room? See that transformation here!)

A bright, comforting living room that showcases the individuality of the client is one of our favorite types of projects. Call Gina Sims Designs to begin on your living room today.



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