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How to Create a TV Gallery Wall (and why I don’t trust people that don’t watch TV)

I respect people that say they don’t own a TV, but I am 98% sure we will not be good friends. I need to relate on some pop culture level. I do not need you to know the details of the Kardashian’s last sisterly fight or the names of all the Housewives, but a knowing nod and disbelieving gasp about House of Cards or Parenthood or Brooklyn 99 (the list goes on) goes a long way. Also, they might be evil. I mean, if people do not watch TV, what do they do with all their time? Probably build bombs. (And this post is how I came to be followed by the NSA, kids).

For the rest of us muggles, television is a necessary part of our lives and therefore we must decorate around it. I typically do not try to hide the TV but I do like to diminish its visual impact. I love using a gallery wall to do this.

I recently put together a lovely feminine bedroom suite for a client. She needed to be able to see her TV from her bed and sitting area. She found an artist she liked and we selected floral, feminine art to surround her TV.

TV Gallery Wall Floral

Floral Gallery Wall and table top view

My inspiration came from these beautiful gallery walls…

This wall works because the art ties beautifully together – it is natural, simple, lovely. It does not fight with the television but you barely notice that it’s there!



I love how this gallery goes around the side of the chest of drawers. I doubt I would do this on both sides of a piece of furniture but I might balance this on the other side with a large fiddle leaf ficus or a floor to ceiling drapery panel.



So be proud you own a TV, binge watch away and decorate that fabulous black box with a great gallery wall.

See the rest of my client’s room here.

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One Response to How to Create a TV Gallery Wall (and why I don’t trust people that don’t watch TV)

  1. Phyllis Rice April 3, 2014 at 9:33 pm #

    I LOVE this…. Like you, I need my TV, but don’t want it to dominate my room, but rather to “fit it”. Great ideas….thanks!

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