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Widespread Panic’s VIP Lounge

I had the awesome privilege of designing a VIP lounge for the Widespread Panic concert at the Saint Augustine Amphitheatre in Florida last weekend. Mellow Mushroom sponsored the space and hired me to create a bohemian lounge in line with the restaurant and band’s cool, chill, hippy vibe. Like I shared in my design plan post, bohemian and moroccan design is all about layers and those layers start with rugs. I was super excited to work with the good people at Pacific Rugs to use these amazing antique rugs from Uzbekistan and Russia. They are high on color, texture and pattern and undoubtably made the whole space. You should definitely pick up a few.

We layered pillows, throws, and poofs, hung lanterns from the rafters and created three distinct lounge areas for our VIPs to hang. In the back of the room we draped 60 foot lengths of red fabric through the ceiling of the pavilion and under the canopy, our guests could hang out around sari-covered high top tables near a 10 foot tall mushroom. Naturally. Mellow Mushroom’s CEO generously opened one of their amazing warehouses to me for this project. We borrowed several things including the massive mushrooms and the centerpiece of the room, a lovely white mosaic face of Buddha that we lit from behind, adding a bit of zen mystery as the sun began to set.

Let me give you a tour, friends!


Boho view from the back

Boho living

VIP lounge

View to the back of the room

Pouf and Pillow Detail

Lounge area

Click on individual pictures to see the full gallery and more details here:

Thank you to Matt and Tara Strickland (unofficial mayors of St. Augustine), Buddy Finethy (pretty much the official mayor of Mellow Mushroom grooviness) and the rest of the amazing gang at Mellow Mushroom for this great experience. You guys are a blast!

Until next time, jam on, friends!


Video Series: Box it up!

Decorators are always looking for unique boxes. We love to stack them, use them in bookshelves, on table tops, or, like in today’s video series, use big ones as furniture pieces. Big boxes stacked or alone with books or a vase atop them are great space fillers for that odd place  on the floor at the end of the dresser or in corners, and of course they are great for storage. Duh.

This entry way I styled using a red crocodile box for a red hot pop o’ color!

Entry way

Now to the big mama boxes. I had to stay another day at Chattanooga’s Knitting Mill Antiques. (It is old-school boss.) I found this cool but commonly found old trunk. It could be used at the base of a guest bed, under a window, or (if the top was flat) as a coffee table.

Old trunk

Stack of beautiful boxes

To see what I like about these boxes and what I’d do with them, check out today’s Video Series!

Search for interesting boxes, small or large, or repurpose one you already may have and fill that awkward spot. Box it up!

What are your favorite thrift or antique or flea market finds? Where should I visit next?


Video Series: Maps, Globes and Sleepless in Seattle

Vintage maps make great art. They also tell a story of where we have travelled, where we grew up or show where we dream to go someday. A subway map, city map, or even a map of the stars (a personal favorite) can be a graphic representation of a place we love or an area of the world or galaxy that captures our imagination. You can pick up a map on your travels or from, or you can search your local vintage shop, like I did for today’s Video Series!

I love the colors in this vintage piece, as well as the great art that frames the edges. The weird lady in the red hat is a bonus. (Photo taken at GasLamp Too in Nashville, TN)


And then there are globes. At the dinner table last night my husband was talking with our 4 and 6 year old about the World Cup and where different teams were from. Out came the vintage globe! Pretty and useful! I love a great globe collection. I recently did one in a client’s basement with 5 globes in varying sizes. It looked awesome. Globes are inexpensive and come in a great variety of colors. You can even DIY yourself a light.

globe collection Apartment Therapy

I found these globes at Knitting Mill Antiques in Chattanooga, TN and GasLamp Too in Nashville, TN:

Vintage globes

But my personal favorite has to be….(drumroll, please!)….the old school map. Literally, an old pull-down school map. Love love love. Why? It all started with Sleepless in Seattle. Today I’m at Knitting Mill Antiques in Chattanooga, TN.  Watch here:

Are you map obsessed? How do you like to show where you’re going?


Video Series: Books…You Can Read Them Too!

People have strange relationships with books. Some people house them in shrines and stroke their spines in the moonlight. Others scroll on their electronic devices and only interact with the bound word when they dust the stack of old text books in the corner. But when it comes to decorating, to me, books are an essential element.

In today’s video, we are visiting a must-see store in Nashville, TN called Gas Lamp Too Antiques & Decorating Mall and discussing what to consider when decorating with books and where to find them. (And if you want, you can read them!)

Beautiful antique books


Old Books

Do you have issues incorporating books into your decor? We’d love to hear about it!

My dear friend, Kimee, and I had a great time at Gas Lamp Too. We made several videos so stay tuned for more! Where in the Southeast shall we visit next, folks?





Video Series: If it’s freaky, leave it.

When shopping thrift, antique or flea markets, it is easy to miss the awesome in the sea of junk. (Editor’s Note: The same also applies to men.) It’s Friday Finds and we’re back at Chattanooga’s Knitting Mill Antiques. Let’s get going!

One sure win is vintage textiles. On their own, they are beautiful, but I love to layer 3-4 of them on my table for an easy bohemian look characterized by patterns and pretty faded colors. I love these floral and southwestern patterns.

Vintage Textiles

And back to the junk. In today’s video series, I talk about what to LEAVE at the store and, for a cool eclectic, mid-century or industrial look, a great topping for your bookcase.

Join us next week to see what treasures we’ll find! Where in the southeast should we explore next, folks?


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