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An Angular Obsession

It’s normal to lust after angles, right? Recently I was thinking about artistic images I am drawn to and I realized that I have always loved art deco, southwestern art, menswear inspired prints like herringbone, and arrows (before they were uber trendy, thank you very much). I mean look at my header. I realized that all of these have a common denominator. They are beautifully angled. I think I speak for America when I say we loved chevron but it’s time to move on (or back) to a classier, varied interpretation.  This is what I mean….

Art Deco inspired tumblers

art deco inspired tumblers

Southwestern Pillows via Etsy

southwestern pillows

Arrows from an Anthropologie floor display (via my Instagram)

Anthropologie floor display via my InstagramThese amazing triangle inspired wall treatments

Triangle Wall Design

Black and white triangle wall design

And last but not least….ah, herringbone. You naughty, beautiful thing, you.

Herringbone in fireplace

Are you obsessed with an angular pattern? Which one am I missing in my roundup?

All of these are happily collected on my Pinterest page. Follow me there!


7 Great DIY Gift Ideas from Gina Designs

For as long as I can remember, when the holidays come around, I get to crafting for family, friends, colleagues and teachers.

Here are some of my favorite gift idea DIYs that we’ve done on the blog over the past year. Check them out, Pin them and show your loved ones some DIY love that they’ll actually like!

These Birds Nest Necklaces are great for moms (match the number of beads to the number of kids they have) and look equally cool with one awesome bead.

Wrap beads in wire loosely and slide on to leather necklace.

Wrap beads in wire loosely and slide on to leather necklace.

These Photo Magnets are only limited by your imagination! Use craft paper, newspaper, photos of kids or even a cool skyline and you’ll be done in minutes!

Photo Magnets DIY Gift Idea

Glue tiny photo to craft store glass “rock” and glue to magnet!

And these Sweet Silhouettes are a great gift for kids but would also look cute with adults or pets!

Silhouette Materials

You’ll Need: origami or scrapbook decorative paper, scissors, acid-free black or colored paper (try something fun and bright!), blown up photo and frame.
How to Make: Cut out the photo and use as a stencil to cut out the black paper. Tape the silhouette to the decorative paper (I used origami paper taped together). Use patterned or bright paper as the silhouette on a solid background. Mix it up!

We ladies can always use Hair Ties & Colorful Bobby Pins. For the ties we used wooden beads and buttons and we painted the bobby pins with nail polish!

We decided to package our creations together. A chevron stamp and "Made with Love From," made our project gift giving ready. That said, we were sure to make enough for ourselves. (I'm wearing my bead tie as I type). Fun & easy project. Give it a try!

We decided to package our creations together. A chevron stamp and “Made with Love From,” made our project gift giving ready. That said, we were sure to make enough for ourselves.

We’ve all seen these Mustache Mugs but they are still cute. We tried other designs but quickly learned that these will look as good as you can draw and/or print on a curved surface. Mustaches were easy enough for us all to do. Mugs done with Sharpies and porcelain markers should be hand washed.

We liked our mustache mugs the best!

We liked our mustache mugs the best!

I use my fabulous Brightly Colored Spoons everyday. You do need to note that they should be hand washed. But then again, you should hand wash your wooden spoons anyway, so there!

The final product:  Spoons get Prettified!

The final product: Spoons get Prettified!

We made these great Totes and Napkins (napkin photos on the link) with stamps and stencils. So much fun!

my hand stamped tote

Next week we’ll look at some great holiday garland ideas! Get to craftin’!


I’m Registered to Win!

I just registered to win this sofa on Apartment Therapy. My track record with winning things is, um, purdy bad. I know some people who win things, though, so that’s something. It’s a gorgeous couch. Would it go in my house? Hmm. Not really. It’d be a switch from my mid-century style sofa but I might be willing to glam up the casa a smidge. An impact piece can really make a room or stick out like a sore thumb. If I do win it though,I’ll invite you over and we’ll all share a good laugh while sitting on this sore thumb. Have you ever won anything big?


Little People on the Wall

This family gallery is in my hallway and it makes me smile daily.  I wanted to mix color and black and white prints so keeping the style of photography and the color of frame similar (even though they are each unique) is what brings it together. Someday I look forward to larger mats and frames for these pictures that will make a larger statement on the wall, but right now these need to be out of easy reach to little hands and bouncy balls (we encourage playing ball in our house). I love our little family!

Much of the photography is done by


Under Mr. Haverty’s Dining Table

I happened to be at the Haverty’s corporate office today and had a meeting at J.J. Haverty’s own 100+ year old dining table. I am relatively sure I couldn’t handle this kind of intensity in my own dining room but it’s pretty awesome. I wonder what would happen if crumbs were dropped from the table?


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