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Pizazz For Your Holiday Table

Sure, most of us are busily getting pictures with Santa and wrapping presents and general Christmas merriment, but let’s take a minute to give the holiday table a proper nod. {Insert nod here} If you follow me on Facebook (which you should), you may have noticed that my favorite way to decorate for Christmas is “nature with a little pizazz” (read: sparkle, glitz, shine).

For this table scape, I used timeless white flowers and went out on the nature walk prowl in my neighborhood. I came back with magnolia leaves, pinecones and pine straw. I dipped the pine straw in silver paint, painted the tips of the pine cone and used the magnolia leaf as a place card. By placing beautiful patterned paper on top of a long white tablecloth, I got great drama for very little investment. Beautiful!

Christmas Table Scape

Holiday Table

No matter what is on your table on Christmas, I hope it is seasoned with hearty celebration, gratitude and great conversation with the people you love! Merry Christmas, everyone!


Video Series: Box it up!

Decorators are always looking for unique boxes. We love to stack them, use them in bookshelves, on table tops, or, like in today’s video series, use big ones as furniture pieces. Big boxes stacked or alone with books or a vase atop them are great space fillers for that odd place  on the floor at the end of the dresser or in corners, and of course they are great for storage. Duh.

This entry way I styled using a red crocodile box for a red hot pop o’ color!

Entry way

Now to the big mama boxes. I had to stay another day at Chattanooga’s Knitting Mill Antiques. (It is old-school boss.) I found this cool but commonly found old trunk. It could be used at the base of a guest bed, under a window, or (if the top was flat) as a coffee table.

Old trunk

Stack of beautiful boxes

To see what I like about these boxes and what I’d do with them, check out today’s Video Series!

Search for interesting boxes, small or large, or repurpose one you already may have and fill that awkward spot. Box it up!

What are your favorite thrift or antique or flea market finds? Where should I visit next?


Video Series: If it’s freaky, leave it.

When shopping thrift, antique or flea markets, it is easy to miss the awesome in the sea of junk. (Editor’s Note: The same also applies to men.) It’s Friday Finds and we’re back at Chattanooga’s Knitting Mill Antiques. Let’s get going!

One sure win is vintage textiles. On their own, they are beautiful, but I love to layer 3-4 of them on my table for an easy bohemian look characterized by patterns and pretty faded colors. I love these floral and southwestern patterns.

Vintage Textiles

And back to the junk. In today’s video series, I talk about what to LEAVE at the store and, for a cool eclectic, mid-century or industrial look, a great topping for your bookcase.

Join us next week to see what treasures we’ll find! Where in the southeast should we explore next, folks?


Video Series: Shopping and Styling in Chattanooga

Welcome to my inaugural video for my styling and treasure hunt video series! Each week I will take you on a trip to shops all over the southeast looking for gold, er, awesome tsotchkes and such. I will share my designer tips on what to look for and where to use them.

This week we begin at Knitting Mill Antiques in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As it’s name implies, it is an awesome old knitting mill converted into an antique store, home to over 100 dealers. We planned to hit several other stores while we were in town but ended up coming back and spending the whole day here.

In today’s video, I show pieces for bookshelves and nightstands as well as cool architectural elements that can be used alone or in a group as art on your walls.

Stay tuned for next week and more video styling snippets from Knitting Mill Antiques!


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