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Pizazz For Your Holiday Table

Sure, most of us are busily getting pictures with Santa and wrapping presents and general Christmas merriment, but let’s take a minute to give the holiday table a proper nod. {Insert nod here} If you follow me on Facebook (which you should), you may have noticed that my favorite way to decorate for Christmas is “nature with a little pizazz” (read: sparkle, glitz, shine).

For this table scape, I used timeless white flowers and went out on the nature walk prowl in my neighborhood. I came back with magnolia leaves, pinecones and pine straw. I dipped the pine straw in silver paint, painted the tips of the pine cone and used the magnolia leaf as a place card. By placing beautiful patterned paper on top of a long white tablecloth, I got great drama for very little investment. Beautiful!

Christmas Table Scape

Holiday Table

No matter what is on your table on Christmas, I hope it is seasoned with hearty celebration, gratitude and great conversation with the people you love! Merry Christmas, everyone!


Widespread Panic’s VIP Lounge

I had the awesome privilege of designing a VIP lounge for the Widespread Panic concert at the Saint Augustine Amphitheatre in Florida last weekend. Mellow Mushroom sponsored the space and hired me to create a bohemian lounge in line with the restaurant and band’s cool, chill, hippy vibe. Like I shared in my design plan post, bohemian and moroccan design is all about layers and those layers start with rugs. I was super excited to work with the good people at Pacific Rugs to use these amazing antique rugs from Uzbekistan and Russia. They are high on color, texture and pattern and undoubtably made the whole space. You should definitely pick up a few.

We layered pillows, throws, and poofs, hung lanterns from the rafters and created three distinct lounge areas for our VIPs to hang. In the back of the room we draped 60 foot lengths of red fabric through the ceiling of the pavilion and under the canopy, our guests could hang out around sari-covered high top tables near a 10 foot tall mushroom. Naturally. Mellow Mushroom’s CEO generously opened one of their amazing warehouses to me for this project. We borrowed several things including the massive mushrooms and the centerpiece of the room, a lovely white mosaic face of Buddha that we lit from behind, adding a bit of zen mystery as the sun began to set.

Let me give you a tour, friends!


Boho view from the back

Boho living

VIP lounge

View to the back of the room

Pouf and Pillow Detail

Lounge area

Click on individual pictures to see the full gallery and more details here:

Thank you to Matt and Tara Strickland (unofficial mayors of St. Augustine), Buddy Finethy (pretty much the official mayor of Mellow Mushroom grooviness) and the rest of the amazing gang at Mellow Mushroom for this great experience. You guys are a blast!

Until next time, jam on, friends!


I’m with the Band

You guys, I am pretty excited to share with you what is going on this week. Let’s start with pizza, where all good things should start. Mellow Mushroom (as most of the country knows) is an amazing pizza joint born out of the free-wheelin’ hippy culture of the 70’s. They have delicious pies and the creativity of the decor in each of their stores is, well, weird and bizarre in all the right ways.

So here is where I come in. Mellow Mushroom asked me to create a VIP lounge for rock band, Widespread Panic, at their show in Florida this weekend! Widespread Panic, who were born out of the free-wheelin’ hippy culture of the 80’s, is a southern rock jam band with a cult following of mega-fans. Mellow Mushroom wanted the lounge to be consistent with Mellow Mushroom and Widespread Panic’s psychedelic hippy-cool vibe. Clearly a bohemian, moroccan lounge is in order. I mean, duh.

Moroccan design is all about pattern, saturated colors, layers and patina. Colors can be bright or neutral or jewel tones but there are almost always lots of them. Tapestries and rugs and pillows are aplenty and layered one upon the other. You cannot sit all “proper-like” here. You have to lay back and be. What’s not to love? My inspiration photos:

Bohemian Moroccan Inspiration


My design plan includes layers of rugs, pillows, wood carvings, tons of hanging lanterns and maybe a nod to the sponsor with a massive mushroom or two. It’s going to be fun!

Moroccan Lounge


We are going to have a blast at the beach this weekend, decorating our bohemian lounge and getting our jam on with Widespread Panic!

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Anna’s Vintage Camping Party

I asked my almost 7 year-old what she wanted for her birthday. “I want a s’mores party,” she said. That’s my kid, thinking about the food first.

This year was the first year she truly got involved in the party ideas and execution. It was so fun to do with her! The girl’s got some fun and quirky style (as evidenced by the vintage embroidered tea towel that she is wearing here and has worn for 10 days straight)! So we took a vintage camping spin on the s’mores theme and went to town.

Thunderstorms were projected for the start of the party and after we took everything in three times over the course of the day because drops were felt, it never actually rained! I am convinced it is because I found my little 7 year-old inside the tent on her knees praying for “overcast skies only, please!” And for braving an outdoor party at the end of June in Georgia, I have to say, God loves little Anna. We even put a fire in the fire pit and didn’t melt! Large fans, plenty of cold drinks and spray bottles as water misters certainly helped. We had a blast!

Stay tuned for the tent DIY next week (so easy and fun and something we will use over and over)!

Reading in the tentSuitcases with peanuts and a DIY tentThis Party is Peanuts!

Outdoor Camping Party Decor


Marshmallows and Graham Crackers

"Le Camping" vintage print
In case you didn't get enough s'mores.... s'more for later!

Some here, "S'more for Later"!

Click on an individual picture to see a gallery scroll of all the fun details and descriptions!


Happy Vintage Camping and S’mores Party to my Anna and Happy Fourth of July to YOU, Friends!

Make a tent and roast some mallows and celebrate with your loved ones!


Women, Vodka and a Photo Booth

I am lucky to serve on the board of a fabulous group called FemCity Atlanta.  Our aim is to create authentic, supportive connections between forward-thinking, ambitious professional and business women. It’s a great group of women entrepreneurs who all about supporting and promoting each other. Each time we get together, we leave empowered to get over the hurdle we are facing and ready to take that next bold move we were tentative to take beforehand.

So when it was time to celebrate our anniversary, we did it in style. Our special guests for the evening were the creators of Vixen Vodka, LeeAnn Maxwell and Carrie King. On a girls beach trip they were sipping vodka by the pool and said, jokingly, “we should own stock in vodka.” That statement turned into, “we should create our own vodka, for women!” From there, they got to work! We were so inspired by their story and loved the Vixen anthem.

“I am more than my reflection in the mirror. I am bold. Brilliant. Beautiful. I rule every room I enter. I am empowered. I live life on my terms, not terms dictated by celebrity trash mags. (Although let’s face it, a good trash mag makes a plane ride a lot less boring.)

I am a survivor. A warrior in stilettos. And every accomplishment I’ve ever made, every heartbreak I’ve overcome, I’ve done it with class, sass and a glass half-full. Because being a Vixen is a badge of honor — a commitment to myself that I’m worth it, that I’m incredible just as I am.

I am a Vixen.”

So awesome!!

To decorate, I hung this great crepe paper back drop (I did something similar at Image Design Camp) and brought in some FemCity-fabulous props for the photo booth (“booths” do not need walls). I kept the rest of the décor very simple with large cut confetti made from awesome scrapbook cardstock and floral arrangements made with hot pink blooms and peacock feathers.

FemCity Atlanta

FemCity Atlanta Photo Booth

Vixen Vodka

Vixen Vodka

FemCity Atlanta Anniversary


Photo Cred:  Beth Clark, The City Dweller

 All in all, a wonderful evening celebrating the accomplishments of bold women and powerful vixens everywhere!

Join us for our next event and find out more about FemCity Atlanta on Facebook.



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