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The Best Family Patio

This patio was previously used for a swing and bike storage. That’s pretty much it. You can see  that this porch provides amazing picture windows along the front of the home, but all you could see was a swing, some bikes, and anything else that found itself on the patio when people walked into the house. That made for a sad mom. We aim to make moms happy around these parts, especially ones who work from home and have to see their houses all day long!

The patio was divided into 3 parts – work, chill, and storage. We united the three parts of the patio with coral and indigo. Wood, rattan, jute, and the plants all seek to bring the natural elements in that live on the other side of windows. The use of metallics, especially in the table base, accessories, and side tables dress the entire space up and bring it far from its storage room origins.

Let’s begin with the portion of the patio dedicated to work. Mom has taken up residence at the table so she can work from home, see the outside world walk by while they long to be in there with her. When she doesn’t want to see the world walk by, inexpensive white window panels keep the light coming in while keeping the patio private. The custom Roman shades can keep light out on super bright days, but they also serve as a gorgeous artistic element that sets off the entire room. The clear chairs don’t take up any visual space, so the room still feels open and airy, taking advantage of all of the light coming from the windows. The natural woven rug anchors the space and mirrors the texture of the natural material that forms the shade.

The middle section was for relaxing with friends or a book at the end of the day (read: CHILL). The little girl of the family has taken over the bench for drawing in the sun (I love this so much) and the custom funky cut velvet chairs are small but fit dad perfectly.

Finally, and most importantly for any family (and the original function of this room) we focused on KID STORAGE. We got old lockers off Craigslist and color blocked them to look awesome (I might be in love). Kids shoes, backpacks tennis rackets and coats fit perfectly HIDDEN AWAY. The bikes found a new home in a room off the back of the house.

We framed the kids’ self portraits above their own, personal locker. Balls stay fly and contained in their wire bin (I definitely just bought one for my son). The hanging macrame planter brings a bit more nature inside (and the 1970s are coming back in a big way right now, so this isn’t the last macrame you’re going to see, friends.)

This transformation is the perfect example of how EVERY.SINGLE.SPACE. in your home can be beautifully designed to reflect your family’s personality and function to meet its needs. This room, once a place to simply drop items on the way into the house has become a new office, a new sitting room, and an organized space for kids items. It operates as an integral part of the home, rather than an attached, forgotten space. As more and more of us begin to work from home, its so important that we love the space where we’re living and working. We can start talking about your space — just give me a call!







Southern (California Inspired) Veranda

This veranda serves as an extension of the amazing basement space we unveiled here. After we were done with the basement, this space met us outside:

We were definitely channelling California for the inspiration of this space. I grew up in California and it always has a huge effect in the way I see design – the function and style of a space. California style to me is all about lounging. It is relaxed, timeless, and has organic lines and lots of plants.

We did wide white panels on the ceiling to finish the look and did beautiful glass pendants (easy to wipe clean) that featured a metal floral sculpture underneath the glass cloche. Gorgeous!

A mirror reflects the yard and brings more natural light into the space. A seating area with custom chairs across from the swing is the perfect conversation area.

My client had that amazing swing but it was upholstered in really bright fabrics. We took it down a notch to stone grays with punches of strong black and white prints and a touch of soft pink.

All our fabrics were high performance and perfect for the outdoors. We love Perenials!

We had the dining room chairs – an iron cane beautiful chair to begin with, but we upholstered it in a grey aztec print with a black piping that won’t show dirt and grime for years to come. We decided to ditch her old matching table and we worked with a local woodworker to source the perfect stump as our table base. It’s perfect!

We used old shutters as a backdrop for the table and hung planters for them that my client can use for flowers or air plants. California is ALL about the plants and the cactus is king. Don’t be afraid of plants! You can always buy more if they die. I swear so many clients feel deep personal shame for not being able to keep a plant alive. It’s a plant. You are a good person.

A stylized zinc console with plants and candles on top rounds out the vignette and Voila!

Now the choice is up to you: Call a friend or grab a book, but either way, you’re not leaving this space. This is a space where veranda dreams are made. Leisurely afternoons with lemonade and neighbors or alone with a book. When I dream, I am here.


Fresh in the Highlands

My clients have a gorgeous tudor home in the Virginia Highlands suburb of Atlanta. It needed to be fresh and rescue dog friendly! Before I work with a client, I have them do homework to determine their style preferences. For this client, her boards were full of shades of aqua, teal and gray. That became our starting place and we had a blast unifying the space with color, his father’s photography and lots of plants for fresh air and an airy feel.

Let’s start with the entry!

When a living space does not have a formal foyer or separate entry area, it’s very easy to create a sense of that space with a console table, a great piece of art, and some seating. Mirrors and plants add light and freshness, welcoming you into the larger living room space.

In the dining room, our design plan called for the addition of a grand, industrial display and storage unit. This is not your mother’s china cabinet. We softened the room with some upholstered accent-turned-dining chairs, soft teal curtains, and the aqua-toned rug.

By adding a large sectional sofa, we separated the living area from the living room area from the entry to give the feel of two separate spaces. The round coffee table is a great contrast to the lines of the sofa; the art and throw pillows continue the color scheme into this space. The plants add the fresh element that connects this space with the sun room.

And last, but absolutely not least, is the sun room. Since we’re allowed to have favorites, obviously, this is my favorite. We started with great seating. Our objective was to use the aqua and teal accents to make the plants the real star of this comfortable room.


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