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Lady Boss Office for a New Partner

Repeat clients are some of the BEST clients. Since completing some beautiful bathroom renovations (check those out HERE), my client had become a partner at her law firm and needed to design a new office out of a blank conference room.

The entire office is filled with dark mahogany desks and carries a very traditional feel. We intentionally went in a completely different direction: a polished, modern, bright, airy, feminine space. After presenting my client with some different options, she chose this as the winning design. Once the space was emptied, we removed wallpaper from one wall to keep the room feeling brighter, and the office lighting was reworked (as a part of a larger office-wide renovation) and the flooring was replaced.

Sign me up for an office with that view! We flanked the view in floor-to-ceiling navy and white drapes. The large scale art over the desk and standing desk sets a modern tone for the office, but also brightens and enlivens the otherwise drab corporate space. We brought EVEN MORE LIGHT in with this classic urchin chandelier, and the brass finish provides a feminine and professional polish to the space. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re not done with the light yet, because we chose to reflect all of that light around the room with the large scale hexagonal mirrors along the back wall. The brass finish is again picked up in the glass table base which takes up very little visual space while providing a very large work area for meetings with clients, colleagues, and fellow partners alike.

Cati Teague Photography for GSD.

The real workhorse of the room is the gorgeous textured shagreen desk. It brings richness and texture to the space, provides storage, and a very large workspace. Seating for office visitors and clients is provided by these modern side chairs in a refreshing aqua tweed, bringing the bright blue tones from each art print directly into the space.

Cati Teague Photography for GSD.

The result of this project is a bright, professional space that exudes confidence: perfect for a new partner. We celebrate your achievements with you today! Do you have a professional space that needs to communicate your story? It’s time that we get started. Give me a call.





Graffiti-Inspired Workroom

One of my favorite people and repeat clients (check out her master bedroom here) came to me with a brimming-with-potential-blank-slate of a room that she wanted to use as her creative work space.

We wanted a feature wall inspired by graffiti. After some brainstorming, my client decided that the focal points of the mural would be a singular fist and kente cloth, signifying power, empowerment, and culture. We worked with the extremely talented Charmaine Minniefield. If you’ve popped over to her website already (if not, hello, here’s the link AGAIN), you know that she “draws from indigenous traditions as seen throughout Africa and the Diaspora by exploring African and African-American ritual from a feminist perspective.” She was the perfect fit for this project. As you can see, the results are stunning:

Photo by Cati Teague Photography for GSD (

To set off the mural, we painted the adjacent walls a dark slate gray. Color cues were taken from the mural and carry it’s energy around the room. We worked with Joybird to create a custom, rich, Kelly Green couch to provide her with a space to read and rest. The teal rug compliments the green and blue tones in the mural and brings the color into the center of the space.

Photo by Cati Teague Photography for GSD (

This work space demanded lots of creative, attractive storage. We had the pegboard custom built for the space so she has plenty of space to keep her tools within easy reach. The bold orange of the pegboard and the colorful TV stand (located just right of the desk) mirror the movement and energy of the mural without competing with it, creating a sense of color symmetry in the room.

This is such a unique, dynamic transformation. I asked the client to reflect on the design process:

“I believe that whenever you have someone like a designer or artist use their skills in your house, they leave a little piece of their creative energy there with you. For this room, I wanted the women who helped bring my graffiti-inspired vision to reality to be proud of their work and for that mark of pride to be felt by everyone who walks through the threshold. This room is not just a wrap room- it’s a place where I take time to create and develop projects, where I put a dash of love in gifts for friends and family, and where I can go to feel good. it’s a feel good room. It’s a room of empowerment and positivity. I can sit on my bright kelly green couch, with a feminine fist of Black power behind me, giving me strength to propel me forward in a positive direction. In turn, every project that leaves that room has a little bit more love in it.”

I mean, COME ON: aren’t you ready to transform your space with energy that propels you forward with creativity and empowerment? I am. Give me a call. Let’s work on your space next.

Images by Cati Teague Photography for GSD (



An Office for Two

A doctor and a writer. Odd hours. They needed a workspace that was functional, clean, and attractive given that it’s seen as soon as you walk in the front door. They came to this design party with funky art, cool tchotchkes, and great taste. Here’s what we started with:

Any workspace begins with a desk. A great desk. To appeal to their love of Danish design, we opted for drawer bases from IKEA: simple, white, functional. To maximize their workspace and streamline the room, I had a 12-foot, maple desktop created to span the wall.

Cati Teague Photography

It was important that the wall viewable from the home’s entry serve as the focal point of the space, so we painted the wall a rich teal and peppered it with dynamic prints and wall art. Given their tastes, I pointed them to some of my favorite artists (and because you’re special, you can visit them here, here, and here) and they selected their favorite images. I chose the sizes and frames, supplemented with other great pieces, and then mixed in a couple from their collection.

To further the function of this area, we commissioned custom magnet boards for each of them. (We love magnet boards: check out this custom board we made for a playroom!)

After function, we focused on comfort. An antique kilim rug is the perfect complement to the orange womb chair (what could be more comfortable than a WOMB chair?!), which provides a cozy space to read, relax, and retreat.

Cati Teague Photography

It’s time for your office to look this good: whether you can see it from your front door or not! Gina Sims Designs is now booking for 2018: call me.






Gallery Wall HOW TO!

Any large, empty wall space is calling out for a stylish and quirky gallery wall. Whether it’s the empty space over your couch, or your bed, or over a desk: a gallery wall can serve as an expression of images that inspire you or surround you with pictures of the ones you love. However, it can be a daunting task to get the spacing and the arrangements just right. That’s why we’re here today, folks! FEAR THE GALLERY WALL NO MORE!

Let’s begin by measuring the space on your wall that you want to fill. Tape that space out on your floor, including switch plates or anything extra on the wall that you need to consider. Now, gather all of the frames, special items, posters that you’d like to display in your gallery. (NOTE: If you have items you want to hang but you don’t have them in your hot little hands yet, just use tape to represent their dimensions in your arrangement.)

Arrange your items within the taped off space as you’d like to see them displayed on the wall. Once you’re thrilled with your arrangement, it’s time to hang.

Take the largest or most central piece, the frame or item that anchors the entire arrangement, and hang it on your wall. You already know where to hang it because you were super careful to measure it’s position within your taped-off floor gallery. You are so very smart: GO YOU.

Then, measuring, remove a piece at a time from the floor arrangement and hang!

Keep measuring the floor and hanging according to those measurements on the wall. It’s a gallery wall. All good things take time. Keep hanging. (If this DIY isn’t your jam, just go ahead and contact me and my team will get it done as a part of your design plan.)

Complete making adjustments as needed (it’s just a tiny hole, don’t stress too much!) When you’re happy, level each piece, applying putty in the bottom corners to keep them in place.

Voila! Stylish, gallery wall. And you did it You’re amazing.


BeltLine Reboot

Two technology companies share office space in this refurbished industrial office off the Atlanta BeltLine: a sustainable redevelopment project that, when completed, will connect 45 intern neighborhoods via a 22-mile loop of trails and parks. The entire BeltLine is based on railroad corridors that formerly encircled the city of Atlanta.

New life is brought to these renovated commercial spaces as runners, bikers, and dog walkers can be seen strolling by the office lounge windows. The area is full of the amazing life and culture that Atlanta has to offer.

When they took me back to the lounge the first time, they said, “no one really uses this space.”

With a large table and one office chair and an old couch in the corner, it was a little less than inviting. This incredible space existed for employees to reheat their food and maybe host a yoga class if you move the table. Immediately, I knew that we had to add functionality and purpose to this space: a transformed lounge would bring the vitality and function of the BeltLine indoors.

I wanted to honor the roots of the building and the area with nods to the past. Here’s the reveal:

Let’s begin with the seating and entry area.

This multipurpose seating area is steeped in the look of reclaimed wood, iron, leather, and industrial-themed accessories. These layers add texture and warmth to the previously one-dimensional, industrial space.

Because they host events, we made a custom moveable bar with reclaimed wood and a zinc-wrapped top that’s cool and easily wiped clean.

The leather-clad bar stools not only provide additional seating, they continue the comfortable, warm texture of the seating area while also providing employees with a place to gather around the bar area.

This design not only creates function in the office space, it increases productivity and heightens their professional identity for corporate events. Your company (or your personal office!) can benefit from great design. Contact me today to get started.


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