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A Rundown Mill, Pink Walls and a Brood

On Black Friday, my brood opted for a walk in Sweetwater Creek State Park and came across this awesome rundown shell of an old mill. I love the architectural details of old brick, stone walls (often built by slaves and ubiquitous in the South) and strong wood beams.

These details can be reflected in interior design even if your space doesn’t have the big wooden beams and exposed brick walls you might covet (guilty!) in magazines and catalogs. I love this photo below from Crush Cul de Sac. The gallery wall of scenic paintings is beautiful and, juxtaposed with the Eames Eiffel chairs and glam capris chandelier, it is perfection. The wood floors and table are, of course, critical to the rustic feel but the pink walls and flowers keep it from seeming masculine.

Image from Crush Cul de Sac

A freebie picture of my brood. I have this thing about being in front of the hiking line. Always… must … be…first. Bonus of leading the way, however, is that you can look behind you and see this glorious sight.


Happy Thanksgiving and One Very Long Table

Today is Thanksgiving. In a few hours, I will gather around a very long table with the beautiful family I was lucky enough to marry into. It’s a very long table because my husband’s 94 year old grandmother insists that each and every person sit at one table. There are 12 adults and 12 children to fit this year, so we add card tables end to end and a few people literally eat in the hallway. But we’re at one table!

As I get older I am increasingly more aware of how rare it is to actually enjoy the members of one’s family and not just tolerate them once or twice a year. I’m blessed to genuinely love and like these people. They say there’s also that one ‘crazy’ family member that’s weird and eccentric and awkward. Since I don’t think we have anyone like that, I should probably assume that it’s me.

I’m also grateful for this space, my blog, to share my passions, my creative self, with you. Thank you for being here. There is a lot of transition going on in my life right now and it’s not painless, but I know that in the end it is going to be an even better version of my life, which, without a doubt is already pretty crazy great. So Happy Thanksgiving. Gather your family near and love on someone who is missing their loved ones. And finally, thank God for the beauty we get to enjoy in each other and the world around us, lest we forget.

Why yes, that is me blogging today in my Indian head dress.


Room with a View

Funky flowers and citrus are an easy way to bring freshness and color to a space. This is the view from my kitchen to my living room. With floor plans being more and more open, it can be a challenge to keep the space between eating area and living area cohesive, neat and inviting. Also, a cute 5 year old watching TV in her skivvies adds a certain quirkiness to any room. Do get yourself one.


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