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My Instagram: Northwest Edition

No, I’m not talking about Kim and Kanye’s baby girl. This “Northwest” I speak of is of the Idaho, Washington, and Oregon variety. The family and I have been enjoying the last couple weeks of summer with some beautiful scenery, crazy adventures and loads of family laughs. But school is back in session (already? yes. sigh.) and it’s time to put these fancy-free days behind us and and live through them again with our pictures. So I submit to you my favorite Instagram images from our trip!

We joined my brother and sister’s families from the far corners of America to celebrate our parents’  50th Wedding Anniversary in the mountains of McCall, Idaho. We used to live in Idaho (moved to California when I was 7) and it had been a long time since any of us had been back. Views like this down the road from where we were staying captivated us. Idaho is beautiful!

Red barn in the Idaho hillsVery close to the red barn was a fishing hole. Yes, a fishing hole. Very Huck Finn. All 15 of us climbed over two rickety fences, crawled through barbed wire, and hauled our poles and worms to go a fishin’. We caught 14 rainbow trout, 9 of which we took home, cleaned, crusted in almonds and ate whole. Wowza, my friends. We are pretty hard core. You can tell by the way I’m holding my kill (as has been kindly pointed out to me several times). You can also tell by my tattoo. I gave my mom Jane Austin tattoos for Mothers Day and we all wore them to go fishing. Mine said, “Mr. Knightly”, as in Emma’s love interest. Like I said, we’re pretty hard core.

Rainbow Trout in IdahoOf course I am going to include this picture since my very attractive husband’s muscles look very attractive in this lighting and against this mountainous backdrop. We rented a boat for the day and took everyone boating, tubing and, skiing (until my sweet sister-in-law had a rather unfortunate encounter between the force of the water and her hamstring). McCall, Idaho is the kind of place you hate a little because by experiencing it, the place you are forced to live gets a little uglier and more boring.

Hot Husband Skiing

My littlest munchkin. Those curls and that he still likes to cuddle = Best Things Ever.

Boat Day with my Boy

Our entire crew went white water rafting on the Salmon River! We dropped off the little kids and our parents at the 10 mile mark, before the waters got more rough. Then the rest of us took turns jumping out of the raft, swimming down the river, fighting with our oars and “riding the bull” of the raft through the rough waters. It was such a blast!

White Water Rafting on the Salmon River

We left Idaho for my sister’s house in Vancouver, Washington. We picked 15 pounds of blueberries with the kids but paused for a moment to stand in the blueberry field and blow dandelions like carefree little girls. Aren’t we just the most precious?

Blowing Dandelions in a Blueberry FieldBowling: It’s fun to Spare! (I didn’t want to be punny, but I couldn’t help it. You understand.)

Bowling: It's fun to SPARE!Portland, Oregon is a quick jaunt across the river, so we went over there as often as we could. You cannot be in the northwest and not get some hot brewed black deliciousness. I am sipping some of that amazing stuff as I write this, thank you so much.

Portland CoffeeWe went to Oaks Park, a great amusement park that is over 100 years old. The rides are newer than that, however. I checked.

imageLastly, I love this 3-D cement block wall in Portland. Love the colors. Portland even has cool cement blocks. It’s that cool. I used this on my Facebook Page too. Until next time, northwest!

Portland Cement Block Wall

Well, I’ve told you about my trip and my kids are back in school. Looks like summer is over. (I’ll pause here whilst we weep).

Time to get back to work creating fabulous spaces for my clients and maybe for YOU?! You’ve been putting it off but it is back-to-school time, the holidays are quickly approaching, and it is time to get it done. Let’s do it! Message me and we’ll get started tomorrow (or whenever is best for you, after you buy the mountain of school supplies).

While you’re at it, see even more and Follow Me on Instagram!


Anna’s Vintage Camping Party

I asked my almost 7 year-old what she wanted for her birthday. “I want a s’mores party,” she said. That’s my kid, thinking about the food first.

This year was the first year she truly got involved in the party ideas and execution. It was so fun to do with her! The girl’s got some fun and quirky style (as evidenced by the vintage embroidered tea towel that she is wearing here and has worn for 10 days straight)! So we took a vintage camping spin on the s’mores theme and went to town.

Thunderstorms were projected for the start of the party and after we took everything in three times over the course of the day because drops were felt, it never actually rained! I am convinced it is because I found my little 7 year-old inside the tent on her knees praying for “overcast skies only, please!” And for braving an outdoor party at the end of June in Georgia, I have to say, God loves little Anna. We even put a fire in the fire pit and didn’t melt! Large fans, plenty of cold drinks and spray bottles as water misters certainly helped. We had a blast!

Stay tuned for the tent DIY next week (so easy and fun and something we will use over and over)!

Reading in the tentSuitcases with peanuts and a DIY tentThis Party is Peanuts!

Outdoor Camping Party Decor


Marshmallows and Graham Crackers

"Le Camping" vintage print
In case you didn't get enough s'mores.... s'more for later!

Some here, "S'more for Later"!

Click on an individual picture to see a gallery scroll of all the fun details and descriptions!


Happy Vintage Camping and S’mores Party to my Anna and Happy Fourth of July to YOU, Friends!

Make a tent and roast some mallows and celebrate with your loved ones!


Women, Vodka and a Photo Booth

I am lucky to serve on the board of a fabulous group called FemCity Atlanta.  Our aim is to create authentic, supportive connections between forward-thinking, ambitious professional and business women. It’s a great group of women entrepreneurs who all about supporting and promoting each other. Each time we get together, we leave empowered to get over the hurdle we are facing and ready to take that next bold move we were tentative to take beforehand.

So when it was time to celebrate our anniversary, we did it in style. Our special guests for the evening were the creators of Vixen Vodka, LeeAnn Maxwell and Carrie King. On a girls beach trip they were sipping vodka by the pool and said, jokingly, “we should own stock in vodka.” That statement turned into, “we should create our own vodka, for women!” From there, they got to work! We were so inspired by their story and loved the Vixen anthem.

“I am more than my reflection in the mirror. I am bold. Brilliant. Beautiful. I rule every room I enter. I am empowered. I live life on my terms, not terms dictated by celebrity trash mags. (Although let’s face it, a good trash mag makes a plane ride a lot less boring.)

I am a survivor. A warrior in stilettos. And every accomplishment I’ve ever made, every heartbreak I’ve overcome, I’ve done it with class, sass and a glass half-full. Because being a Vixen is a badge of honor — a commitment to myself that I’m worth it, that I’m incredible just as I am.

I am a Vixen.”

So awesome!!

To decorate, I hung this great crepe paper back drop (I did something similar at Image Design Camp) and brought in some FemCity-fabulous props for the photo booth (“booths” do not need walls). I kept the rest of the décor very simple with large cut confetti made from awesome scrapbook cardstock and floral arrangements made with hot pink blooms and peacock feathers.

FemCity Atlanta

FemCity Atlanta Photo Booth

Vixen Vodka

Vixen Vodka

FemCity Atlanta Anniversary


Photo Cred:  Beth Clark, The City Dweller

 All in all, a wonderful evening celebrating the accomplishments of bold women and powerful vixens everywhere!

Join us for our next event and find out more about FemCity Atlanta on Facebook.



Fishing for Paradise

Even though I am undeniably a city girl, I adore visits to the country. The great thing about Nashville, Tennessee is that you find a beautiful and happy medium for both sides of your personality. We met my in-laws just outside of Nashville at a lovely private lake. My kids have been wanting to fish (to the point of tears, for some very odd reason) for quite some time. Thank God they both caught something! Sadly, I did not. I think the fish knew I wasn’t keen to bait my own hook. I think I heard one say “city girl, glug, glug.”

It was an absolutely idyllic day, as you can see.

Wander Lust. Childhood strolls.

Beautiful blue barn.

Considering a dandelion. Childhood wonder.

Fishing with my boy and a dog.

My man and a fish.

Gone Fishin'As much as we possibly can, we city folk need to wander off the beaten path, let the sun beat down on our faces, hear the sloppy pat of water on the shore and spend time with loved ones, without an agenda.

Get out there, practice the art of wonder, and wander.

Happy Friday!


Love and Snow

Happy Valentine’s Day! This week has been full of snow days, homemade valentines, and, since my husband was in California on business (bless his heart, snark, snark), quality time with my kids! Enjoy some of our favorite snow and love moments of the week:

My new favorite app “Waterlogue” gives us a very cool take on the classic “look what the snow looks like out MY window” pic!

Painted in WaterlogueStreet Sledding!

street sleddingValentines in the snow.

Doilies in the snow

We could not leave the house to buy anything (icy roads!), so we got creative at home. Happy Valentines Day from Anna!

Anna and Her ValentineAny finally, from my sweet family to yours, we wish you loads of love, kisses and joy, today and everyday!

Sims LoveXOXO,



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