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GSD featured on Style Blueprint!

I’m thrilled to share that Gina Sims Designs is featured on Style Blueprint’s latest post! Style Blueprint highlights finds and fun throughout the South as a part of the StyleBlueprint digital network — and alongside Jessica Davis, they’ve highlighted my home in a post exploring how to make a family friendly home.

Gina Sims Designs Interior Design Style Blueprint

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Love and Snow

Happy Valentine’s Day! This week has been full of snow days, homemade valentines, and, since my husband was in California on business (bless his heart, snark, snark), quality time with my kids! Enjoy some of our favorite snow and love moments of the week:

My new favorite app “Waterlogue” gives us a very cool take on the classic “look what the snow looks like out MY window” pic!

Painted in WaterlogueStreet Sledding!

street sleddingValentines in the snow.

Doilies in the snow

We could not leave the house to buy anything (icy roads!), so we got creative at home. Happy Valentines Day from Anna!

Anna and Her ValentineAny finally, from my sweet family to yours, we wish you loads of love, kisses and joy, today and everyday!

Sims LoveXOXO,



Kid’s Bright & Lively Art Station

The walls of my home are relatively neutral, but I chose this bright teal for an accent wall in my kitchen. I was inspired by the kitchen wall in Will & Grace’s apartment. You know the one, right?

I bought this table from IKEA and painted a pearlized metallic paint and covered the top in a vintage looking oil cloth I picked up at my local hardware store. It’s practically indestructible and a super cute place for my kids to create their masterpieces! The little nook is finished with old photographs and vintage pieces.

Kids craft area

Photography by Christina Wedge Photography


A Quiet Place to Read (Someday)

Everyone wants a cozy place to read, you know, for that moment when the kids are playing quietly by themselves, the dishes are done and email is caught up. Until this divine moment happens, I have this lovely nook to walk past.

This great chair was in my husband’s house as a kid. I think his family still isn’t sure why I don’t get a new chair but I love it because of the worn-in patina! The afghan was knitted with love by my mother and the shelves are filled with items from our travels. Just in this frame, we have items that we picked up in France, Rwanda, Kenya, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Armenia! Every home needs a wall of shelves to display your life and loves!

Photo by Christina Wedge

Photo by Christina Wedge


My Dining Room

This table is where art is made, work is done, vegetables are tried, papers are read, milk is spilled, jokes are told, arguments begin, and forgiveness is granted. This is where life happens in the Sims household.

And a bit about the design…I adore my wallpaper on this focal wall! It’s a charcoal background with the silver pattern that sits on top of a teal grid (you can’t see from this shot) which matches the teal in my kitchen. It’s from Sherwin Williams. My wooden mid-century chairs I picked up at Kudzu Antiques and the table and silver farm chairs I bought off of a movie set (pays to have relatives in the biz with the sweet hookups). The awesome light fixture was picked up at a yard sale in Arizona by my brother (who has killer taste). I love the spaceship look of it.

Photography by Christina Wedge

Photography by Christina Wedge, (squirrel cred: Meredith Story Williams)

To the right of my kitchen table, this shelving unit that displays some of our favorite things. The France print was from an old Starbucks calendar, the flower watercolor is my own and the vintage photo I picked up at a flea market. The fan was an eBay find and the radio was my family’s when I was a kid. Those wonderful little brass owls belonged to my husband’s late mother and are a treasure to me. The rest of this is vintage pottery and our wonderful cookbooks and cooking magazines. Again, life!

Photography by Christina Wedge

Photography by Christina Wedge


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