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Cool Dining Room Reboot

When my clients decided to update their dining room, we started by taking the palette from warm to cool with lovely grays and blues. Next came the drama in the beautiful chandelier and draperies with a wooden cornice and steel gray silk panels. With new chairs, the old table has new life and now the room feels chic and glamorous enough to serve the finest chicken fried steaks these Georgia cooks have to offer.

Dining Room Before - Morris'

And after…

Dining Room

Dining Room Vignette with Mirror

Dining Room to Entryway

Photography by Christina Wedge


My Dining Room

This table is where art is made, work is done, vegetables are tried, papers are read, milk is spilled, jokes are told, arguments begin, and forgiveness is granted. This is where life happens in the Sims household.

And a bit about the design…I adore my wallpaper on this focal wall! It’s a charcoal background with the silver pattern that sits on top of a teal grid (you can’t see from this shot) which matches the teal in my kitchen. It’s from Sherwin Williams. My wooden mid-century chairs I picked up at Kudzu Antiques and the table and silver farm chairs I bought off of a movie set (pays to have relatives in the biz with the sweet hookups). The awesome light fixture was picked up at a yard sale in Arizona by my brother (who has killer taste). I love the spaceship look of it.

Photography by Christina Wedge

Photography by Christina Wedge, (squirrel cred: Meredith Story Williams)

To the right of my kitchen table, this shelving unit that displays some of our favorite things. The France print was from an old Starbucks calendar, the flower watercolor is my own and the vintage photo I picked up at a flea market. The fan was an eBay find and the radio was my family’s when I was a kid. Those wonderful little brass owls belonged to my husband’s late mother and are a treasure to me. The rest of this is vintage pottery and our wonderful cookbooks and cooking magazines. Again, life!

Photography by Christina Wedge

Photography by Christina Wedge


A French Twist

My client is an antiques dealer with a passion for French design. She has incredible authentic pieces and asked me to help her modernize her space while showcasing her collection. I have been looking for chandeliers that have French inspired shapes with modern simplicity. Do you have a favorite?

Designs from Bella Cora, Circa, Ballard Designs, Vaughn

Designs from Bella Cora, Circa, Ballard Designs, Vaughn


Big Tex Designorama

This week, I was flown to Texas for a design extravaganza of momentous proportions! Hey, nothing is small in Texas, baby. My clients moved into their beautiful Dallas home in the mid 90’s. Now that their kids have been out of the house for awhile, it is time for the house to get some attention. A facelift is needed (mere make-up is for sissies). The entire first floor needed to be addressed in some capacity and I had 3 days to make a phase 1 plan….GO!

The first thing we did was walk through the home discussing their needs, the quirks of the house and style preferences. They inherited priceless French antiques and other family heirlooms and wanted to incorporate them into the house in a way that respected their authenticity and beauty but was modern and fresh.

Then we “shopped the house” and changed furniture layouts, stealing from other rooms for pieces that had more appropriate style or scale. Because my client loves furniture and used to be an antiques dealer, she had MUCH to choose from. It was incredibly fun to snoop in closets, the garage and other rooms and find the perfect piece already in their home!

Day two was spent running around town searching for fabric, wallpaper, furniture, lighting, rugs, and meeting with a contractor to get all our options on the table. Also we worked almost 20 hours straight that day. Whew (see “extravaganza of momentous proportions” comment above)!

The last day was tying up loose ends and making notes on each room; everything from “raise bathroom mirror 3 inches” to “knock out kitchen wall” to “upholster Louis XVI armchairs in green dragonfly print”. In the end, we had a phase one game plan for their kitchen (brown toile with blue accents), family room (layout change, new rug and drum shade ceiling mount), living room (below- refresh everything!), entry (wood floors, ceiling mount lighting), dining room (black walls, gold ceiling), piano room (knock out wall, arc floor lamp, wallpaper), guest room (rearrange furniture, refresh accessories), a bar (paint and paper) and 2 baths (paper and lighting)…and everything in between!

It is going to take months, if not years, for the complete transformation to take place, but at least now we have a plan to go from. What a fun week it has been!

We love turquoise, but in this room, it completely takes over. Time for an update!

We love turquoise, but in this room, it completely takes over. Time for an update!

Design Planning

Here we lay out our favorite finds and see what looks good together and what needs to change. Looking at this, we decided the pink and green stripe needed to go. (Also, coffee is a MUST).


Mission Style Bedroom Plan, eDesign

I’m working on a design for a bedroom that is 1100 miles away. This online ‘eDesign’ option is great for people who live far away and want to take their time implementing my plan. In this case, the total plan is 12 pages and includes room layouts, sketches, and a link for every piece pictured (and much more not pictured here). 

The sprawling mission style home is surrounded by woods and the homeowners desired a plan that brought the outdoors in, was warm and inviting but with great style. They had a mission style sleigh bed and 2 mission dressers to work with when we started. I’m very happy with how it is coming together!

Mission Style Bedroom Design Mission Style Bedroom Design2


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