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Video Series: Books…You Can Read Them Too!

People have strange relationships with books. Some people house them in shrines and stroke their spines in the moonlight. Others scroll on their electronic devices and only interact with the bound word when they dust the stack of old text books in the corner. But when it comes to decorating, to me, books are an essential element.

In today’s video, we are visiting a must-see store in Nashville, TN called Gas Lamp Too Antiques & Decorating Mall and discussing what to consider when decorating with books and where to find them. (And if you want, you can read them!)

Beautiful antique books


Old Books

Do you have issues incorporating books into your decor? We’d love to hear about it!

My dear friend, Kimee, and I had a great time at Gas Lamp Too. We made several videos so stay tuned for more! Where in the Southeast shall we visit next, folks?





A Quiet Place to Read (Someday)

Everyone wants a cozy place to read, you know, for that moment when the kids are playing quietly by themselves, the dishes are done and email is caught up. Until this divine moment happens, I have this lovely nook to walk past.

This great chair was in my husband’s house as a kid. I think his family still isn’t sure why I don’t get a new chair but I love it because of the worn-in patina! The afghan was knitted with love by my mother and the shelves are filled with items from our travels. Just in this frame, we have items that we picked up in France, Rwanda, Kenya, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Armenia! Every home needs a wall of shelves to display your life and loves!

Photo by Christina Wedge

Photo by Christina Wedge


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