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Krog Street Loft

My photographer, Cati Teague (find her here and here), and I have worked together for several years. I ADORE WORKING WITH HER. She’s got a cool style and a great eye for design – I was absolutely thrilled to help her transform her kitchen. Cati is #livingherbestlife in a fantastic loft and she walks her dog on the Atlanta Beltline daily. She needed a bold, updated kitchen that reflected her creativity and her urban lifestyle.

Inspired by succulents, brass, copper, green, and contrasting finishes, this kitchen is really a showcase for this breathtaking, artisanal Seneca tile: an 8-inch fan (color way: water lily) each one is hand made when you order it. You can’t just show up at Floor & Decor and get some of that. #benefitsofhiringadesigner
Dove Studio crafted the cabinet designs. We used a gray and white quartz countertop that topped gray cabinets with copper hardware. The island is a soft celadon green with brass hardware and a custom cement top that was made in Wisconsin. Cati’s photography is featured on within the kitchen and the room is rounded out with a beautiful, vintage brass fixture and a vintage rug.
If you see a happy lady walking her dog on the Atlanta Beltline, tell her that you love her kitchen.











Kitchen Update

When there are small children in the house, you keep them close — and when there are four kids under the age of four, you keep them very close. This usually means that they, and the stuff that comes with them, takes over all of the communal (formerly adult) living spaces. My clients were no different: the play kitchen and the kids had taken over their space. Their main need was a space that was still useful for the kids, but styled for adults.

We created a playroom in another area of the house. We removed the kid-sized furniture and kid-themed clutter in the kitchen, swapping it out for adult-sized (and styled), functional pieces.

When the kids dominated the space, their toys were on the floor and their art was all over the wall. We replaced the kids’ art with a large, floral print. With five males and one female in the house, the print needed to be feminine and floral to balance that universe. While we’re unseating the children, we can’t entirely kick them out of the space: it’s just fit for the adults now. We can maintain our style while also encouraging childhood creativity, so we stored all of the art supplies in a simple, modern console. Friends: furniture doesn’t have to be from the kids section at IKEA to be functional.

We installed a wine rack to keep the wine out of arms reach of the kids, while also being well within arms reach of the adults. Speaking of coping mechanisms, we selected an inexpensive rug with a pattern to hide spills and the molded chairs are easily wiped down after mealtime. We framed the windows with graphic, black curtains and lit the space with a funky rattan pendant that provides a natural element (and is very on-trend as the 1970s visit us again).

Brilliant kitchen restyling: a functioning, kid space that’s styled for the adults.






Color Boost, The Sequel

When I first worked on this beautiful house for this lovely newly married couple, they liked the back living space of their house but did not know what to do with the front dining room, entry and reading room. When we finished that, they loved it so much, the living space now needed to catch up!

This year, we were fortunate enough to do that to complete the first level of the house. When we go through the design process together, I am always thrilled to be invited back into their lives! I love repeat customers. 

The house was a new build and they were figuring out what they liked when they built it. Often, our initial style might look a lot like our parents’. It is a gorgeous home but they might do things a bit differently today. Common story for a lot of us, right?

They did not want to modify the kitchen since it was practically brand new, but accessorize and address the easy parts to make it flow with our other interior changes. We added new island lighting and a great Roman shade, art, aqua upholstered stools and added fun accessories to make it feel warm and full of life.

The living room got a jolt of awesomeness with a whole new color palette, carried in from the previous design job. We painted the mantle a warm dark gray and painted the coffer ceiling with a gorgeous pale aqua blue. The sectional is a beautiful navy and we accented in coral and aqua with our pillows, rug (layered on top of our large jute) and accessories. I had fun with the mantle vases and art up the staircase.

The tile detail in the before picture in the back bar area was copper and not conducive to our design, so we had a wood insert made and painted navy to match the front entry way, creating a lovely back drop that does not take away from the room.

The bathroom got gorgeous wall paper in the color of the living room coffers and a new chest, lighting, bold art and vases and the existing vanity was painted gray to modernize the look.


Urban Farmhouse

If you do not know much about Nashville, Tennessee, let me sum up for you: It’s amazing. You have to go. Everyone in the world is moving there. I lived there for a few years and met my husband there. We go back to visit family on the regular and it holds a very special space in my heart.

You’re going to want to file this away — go ahead and PIN IT before reading on.

My client moved into her home back when everyone wasn’t trying to move there. It was a great home on it’s own, but since then, the neighborhood has boomed and her house value has, well, done well. Here’s what we started with:

A few before pics of the Nashville project

A few before pics of the Nashville project


After a recent divorce, as with any significant life change, she wanted her house to reflect the new direction for herself and her kids. There are many beautiful things about my client. Beyond being a wonderful mother and friend, she is adventurous and quirky and has a passion for the earth. It’s her work and her play. She has chicken coops in the back yard and has used her yard to grow gorgeous flowers and crops.

Our design inspiration for the house was her friend’s art. Megan Lightell’s work is nothing short of breathtaking. We visited a gallery in Nashville and selected the painting to place above the mantle and it truly is the center of the home. We selected colors, textures, furniture, fabrics and lighting around this piece and it turned her beautiful home into a serene and lively place to grow a family (and some herbs).



To enhance the farmhouse feel, we had the beam wrapped in reclaimed wood hung our gorgeous, simple light fixture from it. Table and bench by local artist and builder Heidi Weimer.


We built a window seat for extra storage and seating, trying to make sense of an oddly shaped window.

Grandma’s pie safe was in a sad room by itself loaded with kids clothes and games. Now it’s in the middle of everything, and a gorgeous place to store linens and dishes (and games!) and the amazing hammered copper plate grandpa made sits atop. Southern Honey Workshop did a great job with this custom color. We think Grandma would approve.


The orange rug in the living room was picked up on her travels but was too small for the room. We solved that problem by layering it on top of a larger jute and it’s just perfect! #protip #youarewelcome




In the kitchen, she had this great exposed brick wall behind the stove (don’t we all wish for this?!). I hung a pot rack for storage (and mostly because it looks awesome) and displayed her tomato art collection above it (as well as around the kitchen).


The TV in the living room was just sticking out of the wall. Initial plans called for a built in, but we reigned in the budget and decided to make a seating area below it. We loaded up our green-thumbed mama with tons of plants inside to bring life and a breath of fresh air, literally.



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