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Pretty Peacock

Sadly there is no audio to this image. The peacock squawking was, um, inspired. Almost as much as the strut. My girl magically transformed into a peacock with a simple handmade costume (tutorial here although I used real feathers) that took me no more than an evening to create.  Now my little peafowl is ready to strut for her mate, or, er, candy.

The peacock tail was made with ribbon, tulle, and I used blue felt on which to glue the peacock feathers.

She’s a natural! This kid is hilarious. True to herself, she had to have a hint of pink somewhere on her. I’m sure it’s what actual peafowl would wear if they had the option.


Sweet Silhouette

Silhouettes are sweet and nostalgic, not to mention expensive! There’s no need to pay someone else to make one when it’s this easy!

Silhouette Materials

You’ll Need: origami or scrapbook decorative paper, scissors or craft knife, acid-free black or colored paper (try something fun and bright!), blown up photo and frame. Tip:  After many failed attempts at trying to get her to sit still, I got my squirmy worm to sit still long enough for me to take a picture of her profile while she watched TV.
How to Make: Blow up a photo to the size you want. Cut out the photo and use as a stencil to cut out the black paper. Tape the silhouette to the decorative paper (I used origami paper sheets taped together). Use patterned or bright paper as the silhouette on a solid background. Mix it up!

Finished Product

Sweet Silhouette!

More of my sweetheart’s room to come!



Anna’s Princess Tea Party

My little girl wanted nothing more than a princess party for her 5th birthday. Your wish is my command, m’lady!

Pink Princess PomPom

The focal point of the house was the table scape and with height, scale and loads of volume, detail and color, it was magical!

Adornable Dishes

A great way to make your party more festive is to adorn the edges of your dishes and platters with ribbon or pompoms. Height and color always make the table more beautiful.

Table Scape

I’m finally using my gorgeous china! Cloth napkins are tied with tea party ribbon. Little girls like chocolate milk more than tea so we skip the formalities.

Cupcake for a 5 year old

Anna’s cupcakes sits atop a vintage dish and gets a glitter 5.

Oreo Wands

I took apart an Oreo and pressed a skewer with a dab of white chocolate and sandwiched the cookie back together. Dipped it in chocolate and, of course, sprinkles!

Milk Bottles

I took frapuccino bottles and covered them in doilies and glitter stickers. You cannot get more girly than this! Fruit skewers and vegi/cheese skewers for the “healthy platter.”


Doilies, flowers, garlands, a tea pot, ribbons and sprinkles make for a very girly table!

Welcome, Ladies!

The front door and entry announce that a princess resides here.

The Kingdom

The girls come straight in and get fancified in dress up central (a.k.a.the couch) and the moms move to the kitchen nomnom area.

Mommy Yums

Queen Mums get pampered too! Snacks and sangria keep us happy.

Dress up Central

The girls dressed up in vintage hats and scarves, costume jewelry and plenty of princess pretty!

Photo Booth

I love photo booths like nothing else in life. Dressing up and acting like a kid are prerequisite for adults and if you add cute 5 year old princesses? Oh yeah. Adorbs.

Queen Booth

Moms got adorned with vintage hats and stoles at the dress up area, too!

The Princess

Three generations of fancy! Me, the princess herself, and the original Queen Mum.

Come for Tea

The pretty princesses enjoy their tea party!


Hot pink frosting makes the BEST lip gloss.

Make a Wish

Make a wish, sweet girl.


Robot Party

My lil fella turned 1. He’s not old enough to tell me what kind of party he wants and vintage robots make me swoon. Enter, Caleb’s 1st Birthday Party! (Heads up:  It’s intergalactic)

Robot Cake

Turns out I’m an amazing cake decorator when all it entails is positioning candy and donuts. I can do that. (You can too! thumbs up for us.)

Computer Chips & Goo

I love signs. Signs are a must at my parties.
Computer Chips & Radioactive Goo. This stuff sounds delicious, right??

Robot Eats

Fuel cakes are black forest ham, swiss cheese and dijon stuffed puffed pastry. Fueling up is delicious.

Robot Puppets

Cade & Reese made little robot finger puppets and then, of course, finger fought.

Birthday Boy!
Our little nut (and bolt?) loved his party. He loved it so much he danced the robot. You should see that boy break dance. Happy Birthday, baby!


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