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2018 High Point Spring Market

My team and I prevailed upon High Point Market, in High Point, North Carolina. High Point Market happens twice a year and is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, with 2000 vendors in 180 buildings. We had a blast visiting showrooms, attending parties, meeting with our designer friends and finding out what the hot trends will be on the floors of our favorite showrooms in the coming year!

While the fall Market was all about the resurgence of the 1970s, I found that this Spring, I was drawn to the following new trends:



Cement & Plaster.



Overall, I found that there were many more modern options and less farmhouse in the designs presented by the vendors. One stand-out trend was chairs with metal bases. Where previously we’ve seen chairs with thick gold bands, now the chairs displayed had thinner metal, often black bases.

The incorporation of metal continued with a trend of gold inlay in wood pieces – in everything from buffets to trays, this was everywhere. Natural materials continued to make a strong statement: lots of rattan and macrame wall hangings (the 1970s is still in full force).

On the floral front, patterned sofas and pillows were huge. YAY! I love a floral piece of upholstery, and the Market offerings did NOT disappoint. Patterns were everywhere (especially geometric) – and wallpaper is solidly back and its bold and usually removable (PRAISE THE LORD).

Everywhere you looked, it was GREEN GREEN GREEN (which happens to be my favorite color). The best use of this color, along with other on-trend jewel tones, is layered with neutrals so it stands out in a room.

We so enjoyed shopping for our clients and seeing what unique pieces we could select for upcoming projects. I can’t wait for the next Market in October.







Trend Alert

My team and I prevailed upon High Point Market, in High Point, North Carolina this week. High Point Market happens twice a year and is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, with 2000 vendors in 180 buildings. We had a blast visiting showrooms, attending parties, meeting with our designer friends and finding out what the hot trends will be on the floors of our favorite showrooms in the coming year!

Just like in fashion, the 70’s are back! As a child (of the TAIL END!) of the 70’s, I affirm this trend. It seems to me that if you live through a particular decade, there is a “done that once and done with it forever” feeling toward trends (talk to me about grunge sometime). But the cool thing about “what’s old is new again” is the fresh take on the best the decade had to offer.

This year it is:

Amazing saturated colors – golds, pinks, teals and greens (my favorite!) in lush velvets.

Aged brass accents on everything from little touches on hardware and mirrors to big impact on lighting and furniture. There was shiny brass but I especially loved the brass that looked old, with some great patina.

Unapologetic patterns on bold places – all the walls! a sofa!

And all things natural. Think hippie chic or granola glamtastic – caned inserts in lacquered buffets, lacquered palm fronds and rattan rattan rattan. This California girl was in love with all the rattan.

We left High Point Market with new eyes, new resources and completely inspired for our upcoming projects! If this sounds like a blast to you, or if you’d like to reimagine a trend you love from your favorite decade, let’s talk! I’m booking for 2018 now!


Juju Hat DIY

I love juju hats. I love saying “juju hat.” They are those fabulous round feather pieces you may have seen around. They are actually African tribal headdresses. The texture and dimension and color make them a fabulous focal point! I have used them in this Moroccan themed bedroom as well as an amazing white one as part of an art gallery wall in this living room (post on this space coming soon!). They are dramatic and organic and can be any color under the sun. They run anywhere from$250-500, typically. While I bought the white one for the living room at an antique market, my client and I decided to get crafty and make our own for her bedroom.

You should know the feathers are not inexpensive. The project did not end up saving us a ton of money. We knew that going in. We were just up for the experience! We primarily used this tutorial although there are a bunch of others on Pinterest.


What you’ll need to create your juju hat is feathers, a round object to glue them to (I used a woven charger), a harder object to give it strength and structure, and the almighty glue gun. It would be great if you could just hot glue a feather boa for this, but you can’t. We bought our feathers here. We went with the 9-12″ rooster coque tail feathers after looking at other tutorials. This company sent us a bunch of samples to make sure our colors were right and had great customer service. We used a pound of feathers for our 32″ completed juju hat.


To start, lay out your feathers so they do not get tangled and so that you can see if you have enough or need to tweak before anything gets glued! Start with feather tips arching downwards. Glue in a circle, pushing the stems into the glue. When you have completed a circle, cut the excess. Do not spiral. The next circle should be with feathers arching upwards and alternating this way throughout the project to give maximum volume and dimension.


When you’ve done this, you are almost done! At the end, take some of the ends you cut off in the process and glue a few of them in the center. We did about a dozen and used some of the samples the company had sent us earlier. We used white and orange to give a little color variety and, because of this, we tucked a few around the other strands as you can see Perri expertly doing here.


And when you are done, you will be so happy with how easy it was and how gorgeous it is and what an amazing crafter you and your friend are, and you will put your juju hat on and you will dance.


We just hung it with a 1.5 inch nail straight through the center. It could not have been easier, I promise! And we LOVE the result.

Give your house good juju with a juju hat. Or at least dance.


Pizazz For Your Holiday Table

Sure, most of us are busily getting pictures with Santa and wrapping presents and general Christmas merriment, but let’s take a minute to give the holiday table a proper nod. {Insert nod here} If you follow me on Facebook (which you should), you may have noticed that my favorite way to decorate for Christmas is “nature with a little pizazz” (read: sparkle, glitz, shine).

For this table scape, I used timeless white flowers and went out on the nature walk prowl in my neighborhood. I came back with magnolia leaves, pinecones and pine straw. I dipped the pine straw in silver paint, painted the tips of the pine cone and used the magnolia leaf as a place card. By placing beautiful patterned paper on top of a long white tablecloth, I got great drama for very little investment. Beautiful!

Christmas Table Scape

Holiday Table

No matter what is on your table on Christmas, I hope it is seasoned with hearty celebration, gratitude and great conversation with the people you love! Merry Christmas, everyone!


Loft Bedroom Retreat

I created this bedroom for my client who wanted a peaceful, natural, retreat. She lives in a modern loft but her style sensibility leans more traditional. I blended the two styles with traditional tufting on the headboard and the jar shape of the lamps (which will flank her bed on the night stands) and made it modern by keeping the lines of the furniture straight and adding the tranquil airiness of glass. The Kelly Wearstler pillow is our only pop of color, echoed by the simple and gorgeous watercolors that will be one on top of the other between 2 windows, each covered by white linen drapery panels. We’ll keep the bed linens in a clean bright, white and the walls painted in a soft grey with blue undertones. Heavenly!

Bedroom Design Modern BlueAnd did I mention that the entire bedroom cost under $1400? Proving yet again, great design does not have to cost a fortune!

Are you ready to get started on your dream bedroom? Begin the new year right and contact me for a consultation. I currently have clients in 3 states and 5 cities so do not let proximity stop you from creating your dream home! You can have an eDesign like this client or full service design from top to bottom, whichever fits you best. (Also makes a GREAT Christmas gift if you are in the mood to win.)


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