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The Best Family Patio

This patio was previously used for a swing and bike storage. That’s pretty much it. You can see  that this porch provides amazing picture windows along the front of the home, but all you could see was a swing, some bikes, and anything else that found itself on the patio when people walked into the house. That made for a sad mom. We aim to make moms happy around these parts, especially ones who work from home and have to see their houses all day long!

The patio was divided into 3 parts – work, chill, and storage. We united the three parts of the patio with coral and indigo. Wood, rattan, jute, and the plants all seek to bring the natural elements in that live on the other side of windows. The use of metallics, especially in the table base, accessories, and side tables dress the entire space up and bring it far from its storage room origins.

Let’s begin with the portion of the patio dedicated to work. Mom has taken up residence at the table so she can work from home, see the outside world walk by while they long to be in there with her. When she doesn’t want to see the world walk by, inexpensive white window panels keep the light coming in while keeping the patio private. The custom Roman shades can keep light out on super bright days, but they also serve as a gorgeous artistic element that sets off the entire room. The clear chairs don’t take up any visual space, so the room still feels open and airy, taking advantage of all of the light coming from the windows. The natural woven rug anchors the space and mirrors the texture of the natural material that forms the shade.

The middle section was for relaxing with friends or a book at the end of the day (read: CHILL). The little girl of the family has taken over the bench for drawing in the sun (I love this so much) and the custom funky cut velvet chairs are small but fit dad perfectly.

Finally, and most importantly for any family (and the original function of this room) we focused on KID STORAGE. We got old lockers off Craigslist and color blocked them to look awesome (I might be in love). Kids shoes, backpacks tennis rackets and coats fit perfectly HIDDEN AWAY. The bikes found a new home in a room off the back of the house.

We framed the kids’ self portraits above their own, personal locker. Balls stay fly and contained in their wire bin (I definitely just bought one for my son). The hanging macrame planter brings a bit more nature inside (and the 1970s are coming back in a big way right now, so this isn’t the last macrame you’re going to see, friends.)

This transformation is the perfect example of how EVERY.SINGLE.SPACE. in your home can be beautifully designed to reflect your family’s personality and function to meet its needs. This room, once a place to simply drop items on the way into the house has become a new office, a new sitting room, and an organized space for kids items. It operates as an integral part of the home, rather than an attached, forgotten space. As more and more of us begin to work from home, its so important that we love the space where we’re living and working. We can start talking about your space — just give me a call!







French Antiques Go Modern

My dear aunt and uncle have lived in Dallas, Texas for decades and in this beautiful house when two of the kids were still at home. Now that they’ve been out of the house for awhile now, it was time that their home had some love.

They love to entertain and frequently host music clubs and other large groups. The space needed to be functional so that they could move furniture to focus on singers in the piano room or center in the living room or the perfect flow for a dinner party. The floors were replaced, walls moved and the decor was completely reimagined. My aunt is artistic and musical and has a love of antiques. In fact, she was an antiques dealer for years. Many of these precious pieces were the inspiration for our design. They wanted to display their prized pieces they have collected through the years but wanted a dose of modern elements – acrylic, pops of coral, bold patterns, lines and art.



Wallpapered in leather, painted white cabinets, added granite, tiny so I added this sunburst mirror. Shelves for often used glasses and a display for the antique crystal decanters.


Living Room
This formal space was the apex of our design. We had antique chairs reupholstered with bold fabric. The bold elements juxtaposed with the luxury of the blue silk window treatments designed to look like ball gowns. Her daughter, my cousin, is a wonderful painter and we begged and begged her to let us use a couple in the room.








We painted the cabinets white, papered the walls with this gorgeous blue country toile and added a chocolate tortoise shell backsplash and new granite countertops with copper accents. The brick floors were original, worn down and absolutely perfect for our aesthetic. Country French is the name of the game in this room.

Family Room
We added a new silk rug, chocolate grasscloth walls, motorized shades, accessories and toile pillows to match the kitchen and a fabulous white French sofa.





GSD featured on Style Blueprint!

I’m thrilled to share that Gina Sims Designs is featured on Style Blueprint’s latest post! Style Blueprint highlights finds and fun throughout the South as a part of the StyleBlueprint digital network — and alongside Jessica Davis, they’ve highlighted my home in a post exploring how to make a family friendly home.

Gina Sims Designs Interior Design Style Blueprint

Ready to make your space fabulous and family friendly? Contact me and follow me here and here and here!


Family Valentines Dinner at Home

I love love. I love spending time with my main man. I love our kids. I love making ordinary moments special. I love making holidays special. What I do not love are overly gooey Valentine’s Day themed price-hiked meals surrounded by couples I don’t know who likely feel the same but feel obligated to participate. The last couple of years, and since the kids are old enough to appreciate it, we have made a new family tradition. We have a “fancy” Valentines Day Brinner (breakfast for dinner). We dress up. We set the table with our best dishes. We light candles. And we make heart shaped breakfast. I mean, what’s not to love here?

Today I am sharing our tradition with you, photographed beautifully by the amazing Cati Teague Photography. First, the table.

We love flowers at our house. We always have fresh flowers in the middle of our kitchen table. When it comes to setting mood, candles are a must. We dim the overhead pendant, light votives around the table and giggle at each other through candlelight. It’s pretty awesome.

The dinner plate is from Anthropologie, charger and napkins (tea towels, actually) were found at HomeGoods and the rest (silver, dishes and vase) are vintage, found at antique stores and flea markets.

Valentines Table Setting

You may remember that arrows are among my favorite things. Since that post, I have received an arrow tote, bracelet and t-shirt from readers. You people are my favorite. I made these arrows and will post a DIY about them in the next few days! Stay tuned…are. they. not. the. cutest?!

Valentines Day Dinner And now for our Valentine’s Day Brinner Menu. It is a crowd pleaser and could not be easier.

We have milk and orange juice in champagne and wine glasses because that’s fancy. Bacon is baked on a sheet pan in the form of a heart and sprinkled with maple syrup and cracked pepper. Toast is cut into heart shapes and spread with fruit preserves. Eggs are usually scrambled but I stepped it up here by simply placing a cookie cutter sprayed with cooking spray on a skillet and cracking an egg into it. Beautiful heart-shaped egg! To top it off we have a side dish of Red Hot applesauce. It is exactly what it sounds like and it is amazing. Pour applesauce from a jar (or make your own, but really now) in a sauce pan, sprinkle a handful of Red Hots to taste, chill or bring to room temperature, and you get a red applesauce with a bit of spice and cinnamon that you will love. My grandma taught me this trick in Idaho decades ago. She was genius.

Valentines Day Dinner BrinnerAnd because you should always have dessert, even with breakfast, French Macarons. French macarons are like edible little trinket boxes. They are beautiful with their candy colors and smooth tops, crunchy outer shell and creamy delicate centers. Oh dear lord, they are my top 5 foods of all time. Buy them fresh from the bakery or frozen from Trader Joe’s or equivalent, but please do end your Valentines Day Brinner with French Macarons.

Arrows and French Macarons

Avoid crowds and cost this year and celebrate love with the little and big ones you love best. Steal our family tradition and please take the time to tell me all about it!

Love,  Gina <3

PHOTO CRED:  Cati Teague Photography




Anna’s Vintage Camping Party

I asked my almost 7 year-old what she wanted for her birthday. “I want a s’mores party,” she said. That’s my kid, thinking about the food first.

This year was the first year she truly got involved in the party ideas and execution. It was so fun to do with her! The girl’s got some fun and quirky style (as evidenced by the vintage embroidered tea towel that she is wearing here and has worn for 10 days straight)! So we took a vintage camping spin on the s’mores theme and went to town.

Thunderstorms were projected for the start of the party and after we took everything in three times over the course of the day because drops were felt, it never actually rained! I am convinced it is because I found my little 7 year-old inside the tent on her knees praying for “overcast skies only, please!” And for braving an outdoor party at the end of June in Georgia, I have to say, God loves little Anna. We even put a fire in the fire pit and didn’t melt! Large fans, plenty of cold drinks and spray bottles as water misters certainly helped. We had a blast!

Stay tuned for the tent DIY next week (so easy and fun and something we will use over and over)!

Reading in the tentSuitcases with peanuts and a DIY tentThis Party is Peanuts!

Outdoor Camping Party Decor


Marshmallows and Graham Crackers

"Le Camping" vintage print
In case you didn't get enough s'mores.... s'more for later!

Some here, "S'more for Later"!

Click on an individual picture to see a gallery scroll of all the fun details and descriptions!


Happy Vintage Camping and S’mores Party to my Anna and Happy Fourth of July to YOU, Friends!

Make a tent and roast some mallows and celebrate with your loved ones!


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