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Lovely Loft

There are times when your favorite client’s mom gets a posh new loft across from Ponce City Market and she insists said loft gets some Gina Sims Designs love. I love those times. Her mother was an absolute joy to work with:

Her mom bought an eDesign and then hired me to style and install the pieces. She started with a fantastic location, four blank walls, and some furniture that needed to be punched up. She also had an amazing collection of art resulting from her many travels and simply needed someone to help those pieces tell her story.


Timeout: I love love LOVE when clients have awesome collections with which I can work (read: not Precious Moments or cat figurines). Okay. Time-in.

We added one gorgeous piece to her collection and I opted to reframe and/or remat others to give them new life. We relocated her rug to another area of the loft and added a more traditional, neutral rug to anchor the space.


Switching out the rug allowed us to paint accent walls and add bold, gold window treatments that brought the eye up in this amazing new space.


In the end, we did a lot of rearranging and shopping around her house to style the area.

Her perfectly-sized loft is a personal, interesting, and bold statement: much like her. Mama’s got new digs!




Loft Bedroom Retreat

I created this bedroom for my client who wanted a peaceful, natural, retreat. She lives in a modern loft but her style sensibility leans more traditional. I blended the two styles with traditional tufting on the headboard and the jar shape of the lamps (which will flank her bed on the night stands) and made it modern by keeping the lines of the furniture straight and adding the tranquil airiness of glass. The Kelly Wearstler pillow is our only pop of color, echoed by the simple and gorgeous watercolors that will be one on top of the other between 2 windows, each covered by white linen drapery panels. We’ll keep the bed linens in a clean bright, white and the walls painted in a soft grey with blue undertones. Heavenly!

Bedroom Design Modern BlueAnd did I mention that the entire bedroom cost under $1400? Proving yet again, great design does not have to cost a fortune!

Are you ready to get started on your dream bedroom? Begin the new year right and contact me for a consultation. I currently have clients in 3 states and 5 cities so do not let proximity stop you from creating your dream home! You can have an eDesign like this client or full service design from top to bottom, whichever fits you best. (Also makes a GREAT Christmas gift if you are in the mood to win.)


Blue and White Bedroom Bliss

My client recently retired and moved to her dream home on the lake. She wants her bedroom to reflect the serenity and nature that surround her.  She loves antiques so I used an antique brass, patina on the mirror and curved lines on the furniture to give some old world charm. The color blue creates an atmosphere of introspection, security, trust and tranquility. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like my kind of retreat. Deep breaths, ahhhhhhhhh.

Blue and White Bedroom Design Plan


Update on Travelled Industrial Chic

When I first did this eDesign plan for my clients, their house was still in blue print phase. It is so fun to see it begin to materialize!



eDesign is an online plan for clients to implement on their own as time and funds allow. (Check it out here!) When I deliver the plan, I often do not get to see the end product. The best part of being a designer is seeing the original plans materialize beautifully in real time! My clients purchased most of the bigger items and they asked me to come in, see where they are and help accessorize for the day. We are not done yet (need reeds in the blue vase, pillows, throw, a few more accessories, upholstered bench cushion, chair, etc.) but it’s coming along beautifully! (Sorry about the dark and poor quality of pictures!) Good pictures to come when the project is finished! Stay tuned…

Industrial Update

industrial update decor

Mantle Update

Do you need a design plan for your room? Wouldn’t a completed plan or an eDesign certificate be the BEST Christmas present?

Check it out and contact me and I’ll get started on YOUR plan!


Traditional Refreshment

As spring melts into summer, like me, you may be dying for a change, even just a little one. Perhaps you want a new haircut, a new outfit, to try a new restaurant. When it comes to your home, you can undergo a major change with just a few awesome tweaks.

My client’s traditional living room had great furniture “bones” but still felt empty. Adding a rug brought warmth and defined the space. Gorgeous new side tables, color in the draperies, a gallery wall of family photos and a beautiful mirror to bounce the light around, delivered the warm, cheery room they were looking for!

My, how refreshing!

Traditional Update

Traditional Update


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