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The Knick-Knack Nancys and our Fancy Hair Stuffs

Some fellow Pinterest fan friends and I decided to get together and actually make some of the things we were pinning. We call ourselves the “Knick-Knack Nancys.” The concept is this:  Everyone in the group has an opportunity to host. As host, you pick the project (an easy one!) and gather the supplies. Non-hosts bring a drink or snack to share and everyone has a great time, we leave learning something new and we have a gift for someone else or a decoration in hand. With the holidays upon us, we’ve got some crafting to do! First up…

With beads and buttons, plain hair ties become boho-chic accessories in 10 seconds flat! As long as the hole in the bead or button is large enough, you won’t have to cut. If you have to cut the elastic, be sure to knot it well!

Adding color to bobby pins could not be easier with nail polish. Present on nice card stock. Use as a gift or punch a hole in the corner and use as a gift tag!

The Nancys and the bobby pins. We slid the pins on printer paper so we could paint without precision and simply slid them off when they were dry and on to pretty card stock. We found that bright colors and metallic gold were our favorites.

We decided to package our creations together. A chevron stamp and “Made with Love From,” made our project gift giving ready. That said, we were sure to make enough for ourselves. (I’m wearing my bead tie as I type). Fun & easy project. Give it a try!


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