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Graffiti-Inspired Workroom

One of my favorite people and repeat clients (check out her master bedroom here) came to me with a brimming-with-potential-blank-slate of a room that she wanted to use as her creative work space.

We wanted a feature wall inspired by graffiti. After some brainstorming, my client decided that the focal points of the mural would be a singular fist and kente cloth, signifying power, empowerment, and culture. We worked with the extremely talented Charmaine Minniefield. If you’ve popped over to her website already (if not, hello, here’s the link AGAIN), you know that she “draws from indigenous traditions as seen throughout Africa and the Diaspora by exploring African and African-American ritual from a feminist perspective.” She was the perfect fit for this project. As you can see, the results are stunning:

Photo by Cati Teague Photography for GSD (

To set off the mural, we painted the adjacent walls a dark slate gray. Color cues were taken from the mural and carry it’s energy around the room. We worked with Joybird to create a custom, rich, Kelly Green couch to provide her with a space to read and rest. The teal rug compliments the green and blue tones in the mural and brings the color into the center of the space.

Photo by Cati Teague Photography for GSD (

This work space demanded lots of creative, attractive storage. We had the pegboard custom built for the space so she has plenty of space to keep her tools within easy reach. The bold orange of the pegboard and the colorful TV stand (located just right of the desk) mirror the movement and energy of the mural without competing with it, creating a sense of color symmetry in the room.

This is such a unique, dynamic transformation. I asked the client to reflect on the design process:

“I believe that whenever you have someone like a designer or artist use their skills in your house, they leave a little piece of their creative energy there with you. For this room, I wanted the women who helped bring my graffiti-inspired vision to reality to be proud of their work and for that mark of pride to be felt by everyone who walks through the threshold. This room is not just a wrap room- it’s a place where I take time to create and develop projects, where I put a dash of love in gifts for friends and family, and where I can go to feel good. it’s a feel good room. It’s a room of empowerment and positivity. I can sit on my bright kelly green couch, with a feminine fist of Black power behind me, giving me strength to propel me forward in a positive direction. In turn, every project that leaves that room has a little bit more love in it.”

I mean, COME ON: aren’t you ready to transform your space with energy that propels you forward with creativity and empowerment? I am. Give me a call. Let’s work on your space next.

Images by Cati Teague Photography for GSD (



Urban Cabin

Decatur is known for its distinct, historic neighborhoods, eclectic food, and vibrant downtown: it is not known for log cabins. My clients are the owners of this unlikely urban retreat, and wanted to design a space that provided a TV-free zone to read, relax, eat, and play games as a family.

Here is how I found the space:

While the living, dining, and kitchen spaces were wide open, the furniture placement prevented those in the kitchen and dining area from seeing those gathered in the seating area in the living room. To take full advantage of the open space, my design plan included a reading nook in the area of the room that could not easily be seen from the kitchen and to move the seating area to the middle of the living area, anchored by the huge fireplace.

The inspiration for the space originated on a House Beautiful cover, designs by a favorite of mine: Thom Filicia. My clients loved the combination of a striped throw and kilim pouf, so we started with those pieces.

The clearest expression of our inspiration can be found in the reading nook, which now occupies the space that most of the furniture used to be in the room. The space is cozy because it’s rich with texture: the leather chair, the wool throw, the patterned pouf, and the industrial shelves create a feeling that this space has been used and carefully curated for years.

Cati Teague Photography

The new seating area shares the spotlight with the grand fireplace, providing a place by the fire for hosting company and playing games.

Cati Teague Photography

Cati Teague Photography

The dining area joins these living space with the kitchen. Even though it’s a small space, the custom, expandable table leaves plenty of room for entertaining. We sourced the fabric for the shades from West Elm and gave the entire area a pop of color with the red dining chairs.

Cati Teague Photography


New Baby. New Bedroom.

While these moms were at the hospital welcoming their second baby girl into the world, we were at their house giving them a brand new master suite to come home to! It was a day of the best kind of gifts, all around. Can you imagine coming home from the hospital to a brand new bedroom?!

We started with a color palette of navy, aqua, coral and gray.

The art reflects their love of travel and nature while giving a hint of glamour. The surfaces are soft so little ones won’t bonk heads or pinch fingers in the years to come. The bench, upholstered in a coral weave, will house pillows and blankets when not in use and the new side tables and dresser offer the perfect amount of storage. The window treatments, (blackout of course!) were such a lovely pattern and color that they feel like works of art on their own! The bed is now big and comfortable enough and the TV is at just the right height that they can do what they love to do most – climb on the bed and watch football as a family!

Welcome home, baby girl! Rest when you can, Mommies!




Fresh in the Highlands

My clients have a gorgeous tudor home in the Virginia Highlands suburb of Atlanta. It needed to be fresh and rescue dog friendly! Before I work with a client, I have them do homework to determine their style preferences. For this client, her boards were full of shades of aqua, teal and gray. That became our starting place and we had a blast unifying the space with color, his father’s photography and lots of plants for fresh air and an airy feel.

Let’s start with the entry!

When a living space does not have a formal foyer or separate entry area, it’s very easy to create a sense of that space with a console table, a great piece of art, and some seating. Mirrors and plants add light and freshness, welcoming you into the larger living room space.

In the dining room, our design plan called for the addition of a grand, industrial display and storage unit. This is not your mother’s china cabinet. We softened the room with some upholstered accent-turned-dining chairs, soft teal curtains, and the aqua-toned rug.

By adding a large sectional sofa, we separated the living area from the living room area from the entry to give the feel of two separate spaces. The round coffee table is a great contrast to the lines of the sofa; the art and throw pillows continue the color scheme into this space. The plants add the fresh element that connects this space with the sun room.

And last, but absolutely not least, is the sun room. Since we’re allowed to have favorites, obviously, this is my favorite. We started with great seating. Our objective was to use the aqua and teal accents to make the plants the real star of this comfortable room.


Color Boost, The Sequel

When I first worked on this beautiful house for this lovely newly married couple, they liked the back living space of their house but did not know what to do with the front dining room, entry and reading room. When we finished that, they loved it so much, the living space now needed to catch up!

This year, we were fortunate enough to do that to complete the first level of the house. When we go through the design process together, I am always thrilled to be invited back into their lives! I love repeat customers. 

The house was a new build and they were figuring out what they liked when they built it. Often, our initial style might look a lot like our parents’. It is a gorgeous home but they might do things a bit differently today. Common story for a lot of us, right?

They did not want to modify the kitchen since it was practically brand new, but accessorize and address the easy parts to make it flow with our other interior changes. We added new island lighting and a great Roman shade, art, aqua upholstered stools and added fun accessories to make it feel warm and full of life.

The living room got a jolt of awesomeness with a whole new color palette, carried in from the previous design job. We painted the mantle a warm dark gray and painted the coffer ceiling with a gorgeous pale aqua blue. The sectional is a beautiful navy and we accented in coral and aqua with our pillows, rug (layered on top of our large jute) and accessories. I had fun with the mantle vases and art up the staircase.

The tile detail in the before picture in the back bar area was copper and not conducive to our design, so we had a wood insert made and painted navy to match the front entry way, creating a lovely back drop that does not take away from the room.

The bathroom got gorgeous wall paper in the color of the living room coffers and a new chest, lighting, bold art and vases and the existing vanity was painted gray to modernize the look.


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