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BeltLine Reboot

Two technology companies share office space in this refurbished industrial office off the Atlanta BeltLine: a sustainable redevelopment project that, when completed, will connect 45 intern neighborhoods via a 22-mile loop of trails and parks. The entire BeltLine is based on railroad corridors that formerly encircled the city of Atlanta.

New life is brought to these renovated commercial spaces as runners, bikers, and dog walkers can be seen strolling by the office lounge windows. The area is full of the amazing life and culture that Atlanta has to offer.

When they took me back to the lounge the first time, they said, “no one really uses this space.”

With a large table and one office chair and an old couch in the corner, it was a little less than inviting. This incredible space existed for employees to reheat their food and maybe host a yoga class if you move the table. Immediately, I knew that we had to add functionality and purpose to this space: a transformed lounge would bring the vitality and function of the BeltLine indoors.

I wanted to honor the roots of the building and the area with nods to the past. Here’s the reveal:

Let’s begin with the seating and entry area.

This multipurpose seating area is steeped in the look of reclaimed wood, iron, leather, and industrial-themed accessories. These layers add texture and warmth to the previously one-dimensional, industrial space.

Because they host events, we made a custom moveable bar with reclaimed wood and a zinc-wrapped top that’s cool and easily wiped clean.

The leather-clad bar stools not only provide additional seating, they continue the comfortable, warm texture of the seating area while also providing employees with a place to gather around the bar area.

This design not only creates function in the office space, it increases productivity and heightens their professional identity for corporate events. Your company (or your personal office!) can benefit from great design. Contact me today to get started.


Give them a Break(room)!

I have been asked to give the wonderful teachers of The Museum School of Avondale Estates a break room redesign. Our daughter is a first-grader there and we could not be more happy with the creativity and innovation of the leadership, teachers and staff of this great public charter school. I am thrilled to help them have a place they can relax and feel energized to shape our brilliant young minds! Keep reading all the way to the bottom, because lucky for you, you can be involved too!!

Sad and Lonely Before Shots

Break room "Before" shot. Looks like we're good on Ziploc bags!

Break room “Before”. Looks like we’re good on Ziploc bags above the cabinets!

Poor, sad and lonely. No break to be had here!

Poor, sad and lonely. No break to be had here!


The good news:  PTO and Leadership have given me creative control. Yay!

The bad news:  I have a budget of (are you ready for this?) $200

I need some HELP, people! If you can donate time, money or any of the items below (for FREE), please contact me!

I need:

Large picture frames with glass (3 of the same size, but no smaller than 36″ tall)

Paper lanterns or pendants and light kits (3)

Extension cords (2)

Console table to be used as a coffee cart

Coffee accessories

K-cups and snacks for our teachers (or grocery gift card)

Storage bins/baskets (3)

Mirrors (3-5)


Window shutter or magazine rack

Cafe tables (5-6), need to be the same style/size

Chairs (15), all different wood styles (I will paint them)

Paint in school colors (below – teal, blue, tangerine, green, white, gray).

Paint supplies (primer, rollers, brushes, tarps, buckets, tape)

Tile for backsplash & supplies

Target and IKEA gift cards

Labor:  Electricians, Painters, Tilers, Sewers, Crafty People, Drivers, ANYONE!

The Museum School

Please snap a picture of the items you want to donate and email to me at


Thank you SO much for your help in giving these great teachers a break(room)!



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