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Artsy Decatur

I have my clients do a lot of work on the front end to show me what they love. Usually, they have a board on Pinterest or they have collected dream rooms on Houzz. This client let her entire family collaborate on a Pinterest board for the dining room she wanted me to design — a fun activity that resulted in a wide range of styles.

We ended up keeping the basics neutral but full of texture (i.e., rustic wood, iron, silk, etc.), contrast, and adding our punch of colors through art. The family that Pinterests together also Art Fairs together — so we had an amazing collection of colorful and personal art to set off our neutral palette.

Textbook design experience, right? Um. No. No, it was not.

Something just wasn’t right. The room configuration was off. Ideas weren’t popping. I asked her to show me the rest of the house and the tour of the living room/study revealed another oddly shaped room that just wasn’t working for the family.



That’s when it hit me: switch.the.rooms. SWITCH THE ROOMS!

The dining room became the living room, which, because it was open to the kitchen, gave a more open gathering place. The old living room became the new dining room: great space management and a quiet place to work when homework is spread all over the table (because that never happens).

The living room needed new furniture since it was now doubled in size. Some forgotten pieces in the basement produced THIS CHAIR. I had it reupholstered with fabric that looks like it was made for the chair – and now it’s better than new. Yes. Better than new. Switching rooms was THAT magical of a change. Um, you’re welcome.

basement gem


Then the magical switching of the rooms made everything fall into place.



The existing dining room furniture was refinished for a new life. I added art, beautiful relaxed roman shades, relocated the light fixture from the “old dining room,” and finally added the mirror and accessories for interest. The family plans to add a punchy rug later when funds allow.



And there we go. We switched it all around. Being artsy in Decatur, naturally.



Bath House

My clients bought their 1960’s home from the original owners. The house had great bones but some seriously dated wallpaper and tiny rooms. Architects in the 60’s built fabulously sturdy houses but with no storage and tiny rooms. We modernized this home by moving some walls, starting with these new bathrooms!

IMG_6756 IMG_7145 IMG_7147 IMG_8428 IMG_7151 IMG_8380


Lovely Loft

There are times when your favorite client’s mom gets a posh new loft across from Ponce City Market and she insists said loft gets some Gina Sims Designs love. I love those times. Her mother was an absolute joy to work with:

Her mom bought an eDesign and then hired me to style and install the pieces. She started with a fantastic location, four blank walls, and some furniture that needed to be punched up. She also had an amazing collection of art resulting from her many travels and simply needed someone to help those pieces tell her story.


Timeout: I love love LOVE when clients have awesome collections with which I can work (read: not Precious Moments or cat figurines). Okay. Time-in.

We added one gorgeous piece to her collection and I opted to reframe and/or remat others to give them new life. We relocated her rug to another area of the loft and added a more traditional, neutral rug to anchor the space.


Switching out the rug allowed us to paint accent walls and add bold, gold window treatments that brought the eye up in this amazing new space.


In the end, we did a lot of rearranging and shopping around her house to style the area.

Her perfectly-sized loft is a personal, interesting, and bold statement: much like her. Mama’s got new digs!




Mid-Century Mod

I am allowed to have favorite projects. I am. It’s my design firm. Now, I love my clients and the diversity of beautiful projects I get to work on but sometimes I get to work on something that I never want to leave. I did, eventually, leave this place but this Cabbagetown home makes me incredibly happy.

The playroom was void of color and personality but not anymore! One of the reasons I love this house so much is that my clients already had such a great art collection, but it was mostly in a closet. Travesty! I used almost all of it on those 12 foot playroom walls.







img_4426 img_4429

The entry area is so much more welcoming with a contrast paint color and bright fun art we bought from an artist in Australia. The flamingo’s name is Fern. Say hi.



Dining room! My clients have entirely too much style for what their dining room had going on. We took care of that with molded chairs that make cleaning up after a toddler easy as pie, er, Cheerios. The cool rug gave us a shot of texture and color and we played up the cool brass elements for shine and speaking of shine, that light fixture! It’s raw brass mid-century fabulousness was just what this room needed. Being at the front of the house, this dining and entry area now tell a much better story of the lives my clients lead. My work here is done!






Color Boost

My clients built this gorgeous house when they moved to Atlanta as newlyweds. After a while, they decided it needed a shot of personality. That’s where my team comes in! We decided on a palette of navy, aqua, gray and coral to bring some life into their home. Boost!

I like “before & after” pictures because it helps show what we did, and what you can do in your home. Interested in doing a dark color? Try it in a small but impactful place like an entry way. Have an awkward room that nothing is happening in but happens to be at the front of the house? Turn it into a sitting room with outfitted shelves full of conversation starters, add comfortable bright chairs and a bar cart and now you have a place to talk with a friend or a quiet place to read. File this away for your place by pinning it here!
















Here’s the rest of the first floor, featured in Color Boost: The Sequel. Enjoy!


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